Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I see you

Bella often joins the parent who goes grocery shopping, it's her way to con us in to extra snacks and stuff for her lunch. 😍It's also some nice one on one time to chat with her about whatever pops into her mind. Lately it's been quizzing me about math facts, she swears I don't know second grade math! It's hard to fit one on one time in with everyone when you have three kids but this is something she enjoys so its nice to have her along for the adventure. 

Last time I went shopping with her there was a girl with her father in front of us. I saw a side eye from the girl as she caught a glimpse of Bella's hand. The dad was paying attention to the line ahead and every once in awhile the girl would look our way. Again, another side eye. She was trying very hard to not be obvious but to still look. My eyes never caught hers. She simply looked at Bella's hand then looked away... then a few minutes later, repeat. 

I continued my conversation with Bella, occasionally trying to catch the eye of the little girl ahead. It seemed to me that Bella never noticed. If she did, she didn't mention it. Usually she'll say something once we get to the van. That day she didn't. I didn't bring it up either. 
(pink hair, don't care!)

I'm learning how to react and respond in situations like this. It will forever be a part of her life... and mine. I've learned that IF she brings it up, we talk about it. If she doesn't, we don't. If I catch it in action, I smile so the child knows that I saw them. If the child continues to stare, I generally say something. I'm learning. Parenting is about learning. Either way, I see you staring, I see your side eyes. I'm watching my girl like any mama bear does. She'll always be my Bella bear and I'll always have her back!

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