Monday, February 18, 2019

Be a little LESS judgey

I was at the gym on Saturday minding my own business when I overheard a woman say "She should've bought at least 25 boxes from her daughter!"... they were talking about a little Girl Scout who only sold 25 boxes of cookies. I continued getting ready but it got under my skin. It got so far under my skin that 2 days later, I'm still annoyed by it.

Can we be a little less judgey please? I mean for the love of Pete, she sold 25 boxes, I'm sure other girls sold 100, some even 200... but lets be real, not all of us have it in us every year to beg people to buy shit from our children.

Let's think about the stuff my kids raise money for: Jump Rope for Heart, Girl Scouts, Camp No Limits, Magazine sales, spring fundraiser, fall fundraiser... that's only the start I'm sure. But here's the thing, while I love Girl Scouts and I will eat the crap out of some thin mints, I have to balance my priorities.

This year during cookie sales our Luna girl was SO sick. The last thing I cared about was how many boxes of cookies my daughter sold OR how many I bought. My concern was for our dog, how my kids were dealing with a dog they knew was sick, balancing work, home, relationships, balancing homework and fun, balancing how to best help our Luna to be sure she was getting the best care possible and the most love. There were MANY days I spent home snuggling her instead of running errands or going to the gym. There were days I spent cleaning up dog accidents and then loving Luna. There were days I ate too many chocolates and days I didn't drink enough water. My priority in all of it was Luna.

What I'm saying is that people EVERY WHERE are listening, even people in the gym locker room. I'm a girl scout mom and I felt judged by these bitches in the locker room. Yes I said bitches. Think about kindness, think about love, think about joy. A little less negativity people.

Tonight, I listened to my sweet 9 year old cry herself to sleep about missing her dog. About missing her snuggles and her "unconditional love, she just loved you no matter what. If you were sad or happy, she loved you. AND she knew, she knew if you were sad and needed extra love." I told her that someday, she'd understand that as her mama I loved her the same way her sweet pup did. I love her no matter what. My words "if you are happy or sad, if you are a total jerk or the sweetest angel, if you seriously fail a test or if you do amazing, I love you endlessly, no matter what. Someday, when you are a mama, I hope you realize that I love you like Luna did."

Be like Luna, love unconditionally, no matter what.

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