Thursday, June 16, 2016

Disabled? Not my girl!

It's summer break. With break comes exploring and soaking in life every second we can. Weather has been HOT. The kids have been begging to get in the water and "go to the beach". Last year, we explored tons of different areas throughout Milwaukee and nearby cities so we became more familar with with our community has to offer. Let me tell you, there's a ton of stuff to do in summer! Stay tuned for our adventures and we'll post all of our favorites throughout the summer.

Saturday afternoon we opted to explore Fox Brook Beach once again. It was insanely busy! Tons of families had the same idea. We paid for our year pass at the booth and off we went. I've gotten smart and sunscreened the kids at home and put them in their suits, that way once we get there, they are free to go!

We found a spot near the water on the beach and sat up. Towels layed out, sand toys dumped in the sand, snacks in our bag, the sun on our face, a perfect day to relax and explore. We all got in the water and were playing around. Bella made an instant friend, a cute 9 year old Hispanic girl. We'll call her Lily. She was as chatty as Bella and welcomed playing with another girl.Grayson took up a spot in the sand, digging and building. Luca flopped in the water like a fish.

After playing for a few minutes, Lily came up and said to me with Bella standing near by "I learned all about disabilities in school."

"Oh really, that's great that your school teaches about that! Are you having fun here?" I replied.

"Yeah I like it here. I'm here with my cousins. Did you know that you should always treat people nicely because just because people are different doesn't mean they can't play or do things. It just means they are different. Disabilities are really no big deal. We are ALL different and do things different"

"You are so right! Your school sure told you some good stuff about that!" Bella watching and soaking in each and every word. I was honestly a little surprised she didn't say anything, my little outgoing girl just had me take the reins on this one.

"Yeah so I noticed her hand and just because she has a disability doesn't mean anything at all."

"Yep she was born different. She was born with her hand like that and she does all sorts of things kids her age do" and off Lily went to play with Bella.

They played and giggled. They acted just like little girls, carefree in the water, making friends and welcoming others into their group. Luca continued to drink lake water- ew! Grayson was perfectly content sitting in the sand, digging, building, creating, discovering. Hours later we said goodbye and went on our way. McDonalds, ice cream cones, baths, reading, snuggles and bed.

As we were brushing teeth and Bella was looking at herself in the mirror, she stopped. "Mom I'm not disabled you know."

"I know Boo" I said back, wanting to let her take over on this one.

"Mom I'm perfect just the way I am. I'm not disabled at all. I can do ANYTHING I want, I just have to try. That's just like all kids. Kids have to try. I'm not disabled"

"Boo Bear, you are so right! You are not disabled. You are perfect just the way you are. You ARE able to do anything, you just have to try. Just like everyone who wants to do something that's challenging." My heart smiled. I know my girl had been thinking about this. I had wondered what she would say, IF she would say anything. Some things are better left for her to explore. This was one of them in my eyes.

"Mom, I'm totally NOT disabled. I can just do ANYTHING I want. I'm just born different"

"You are so right, love. You CAN do anything" and just like that, I kissed her head and the conversation was over. That's all she wanted to say about it. Just some clarification in case this mama was wondering. She was educating me on who SHE is and her abilities.

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