Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas cookies

Before school, the kids and I were talking about how we bake cookies every year and take them to the neighbors. A few of our neighbors are grandma and grandpa ages (most 70 or older). Each year, we take them a plate of cookies near the holiday. We've done this for as long as I can remember.

This morning I mentioned that we should make them this weekend since Christmas is next week. I said we should also take some to a homeless shelter. Bella and Grayson asked what that was so I explained that it was somewhere people can go to be warm and safe when they don't have their own home like we do. The kids started coloring pictures for the people that we would take cookies to. Bella and Grayson both colored houses. Bella said "So they can have a house too, can we just get them a house?" Grayson said "so they can have a family too". Grayson is ALL about family.

We talked about how we would make cookies and deliver them so they could have something special for the holiday season. I was proud of both of my "big" kids for thinking about how they might not have a family and thinking that maybe a colored picture would bring a smile to their face. It made me even prouder than I already am to be their mama.

We've made our list for ingredients and are excited to shop and get to baking! With 3 kiddos, baking can be as easy as rice krispie treats (besides, who doesn't love those?!) or as complex as homemade chocolate chip cookies (trust me that's complex with 3 kids!). What are your go to treats? What should we take them? I'm open to any recipes or ideas!

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