Sunday, October 11, 2015

So proud

Today and always, I'm proud to call my mama mine. She's been through a lot in her life and to say she's a strong woman is a bit of an understatement. Three years ago, she worked to raise money for Bella to go to camp through something she called "Bikers for Bella". She did a poker run and it was nothing short of incredible. A TON of work and she didn't bat her eye once about it. She was excited to be involved. Well through that, relationships formed. She's became close friends with Harley and her boyfriend, Chad who own a bar in Missouri. It's called Charley's Roadhouse. Last year and this year, they once again raised money for Camp No Limits. I'm so proud of my mom, Harley and Chad for continuing the efforts.

This year was ultra-special. They raised money for another family to go to Camp No Limits. Brandon was born with a limb difference and he's the little guy that we supported this year through Bikers for Bella. Not only was enough money raised for Brandon to go to camp, enough money was raised for his ENTIRE family to go to camp. My mom cried. She's SO excited to share the love with someone else.

My mom seriously has a heart of gold and there's a special place in her heart for children. She fell in love with Brandon and his family. Not once did she say she wished we would've done this for Bella. She knows how special Camp No Limits is for Bella and our family. I've said since we first went two years ago that camp is life changing for kids and their families. I have no doubt that Brandon's experience will be the same. I have no doubt his family will come back changed from the experience. I'm thrilled that our family, my mom and Harley and Chad are involved in making changes in the lives of others.

Bikers can appear rough around the edges to some people. Riding in with the load pipes, leather jackets, chaps, long hair, tattoos, cussing, dropping f-bombs (as I always told my dad), drinking... There's often a stereotype related to bikers. My dad fit the stereotype pretty well, my stepdad fits the stereotype in some ways too. I will tell you right now, any of those men would do anything for you. They are the most gentle souls on the planet. I want you to know it was BIKERS that worked with my mom to raise this money for Bella in the passed and Brandon this year. The bikers are "my bikers" Bella says. She loves them all. Bikers for Bella was successful for Brandon this year and I'm thrilled to see what they will continue to do in the future.

Mom, I'm beyond proud of you. Harley and Chad, you have a special place in my heart and in our family. We are blessed to know you and have you be so dedicated to our goals. To all the riders in this years ride, THANK YOU!!!

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  1. I'm sitting here bawling my eyes out... Your words touch my heart and soul. Three years ago you said I need to raise money for this special camp for Bella.. So I sat my sights to get her there. My friend Steve had me go meet with Tina "Harley " & Chad. ... Never in my dreams did I think I'd get Bella there.. But I did know Id die trying!!! I met some pretty rough bikers that were my Angels!! Bella's bikers!!! Sarah you have taught me so much!'
    I met Brandon and wanted him to go to camp to change his life!
    I want Bella to go every year to learn and have confidence in herself! Which SarAh you teach her everyday those things! She was hand picked by God to be your baby! Our baby!! I have no doubts!! I love you all with every ounce of me!! I love being your Momma and their Tutu!!


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