Monday, June 26, 2017

Prosthetic update!

Wednesday, Bella and I finally get to go to Chicago and pick up her prosthetic! To say we are excited might be an understatement. We'll probably test it a bit there then head back. I'm sure what I'm thinking in my head will be an hour long appointment will take much longer.

This is the "pick up" appointment. Tomorrow is when we pay for it. I'm so thankful for good insurance! We'll only be eating ramen for the next month :) Jokes aside, our out of pocket is 10% which comes out to just over $1,000. Why am I telling you this? Because nothings free. Not only is the time and headache of making all of these appointments then follow up, there's also figuring out where you'll pull the money from. It will also give us the opportunity to budget this in the future, knowing that she'll need a new one about every 18 months-2 years. So far, insurance only approves a "new device" every 3 years. That's a battle I'll start fighting later. I think it's important for parents of children with limb differences to also realize the cost. I thought when you went through Shriner's that things were cheaper. For us, we still have a co-pay at Shriners as well as our location doesn't do prosthetics, they contract that out. So that's how we ended up at Scheck and Siress. Neither here nor there, there's a cost, that if you are like most

We'll plan to pick it up then come home and really put it to use. Really test it out and be sure there are no weird rubbing places and that she has full opportunity to take full advantage of using it so we can follow up, hopefully before we head to Camp No Limits. She'll have one more appointment at least to follow up on fit.

This is pretty much perfect timing with Camp No Limits right around the corner! Camp will give her the opportunity with people that are similar to her to test drive the prosthetic fully. I'm sure there will be a number of people there who can encourage her and help her get used to using it for the tasks that she wanted it for.

So far, we'll all booked for camp, minus a rental car. Camp is quite a distance from the airport so we need a rental car to get from point A to point B. Then we need to pack, packing for 5 is NO easy task... I pack for 4 of us. That's a handful to be sure that you have everything. That's where lists come in handy!

I'll keep you all updated after our appointment on Wednesday!

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