Friday, May 12, 2017


Our school does a thing called High Interest Day. It's a great day filled with fun and activities that our Parent Faculty Council (PFC) puts together. It's a LOT Of work for all involved but the kids come home with memories that can't be replaced. Bella once made a jump rope out of rubber bands that she was super proud of... until her younger brother decided to take it apart (yep, insert eye roll... ratty brothers!)

Bella missed the sign up day so one of her best buds signed her up. He signed her up for yoga, juggling, marbles, paper crafting and a few other things. I was volunteering in her brother's room for the morning but was able to pop in and see what she was doing from time to time as well. It was a nice way to see the school in action and the kids filled with smiles and laughter.
(Marble games)

I ended my sessions and was able to watch her do juggling for about 15 minutes before I headed out. I watched the demonstrator juggle scarfs, balls, bowling pins and a few other things. He gave some tips and some pointers. The kids were given feathers and he talked about how to keep the feather straight up. I watched Bella and the other kids as they focused on the task. I glanced his way and saw the way he looked at Bella. I wasn't pleased. I could tell that his wheels were turning and that his face had an expression that stamped into my brain. His face said "What the heck is a kid without two hands doing in my juggling class?" My heart hurt but I forced a smile and he turned away.
(who knew balancing a feather could be so much fun?!)

I stayed while she continued to work on the feather tricks and took a ton of pictures of her and the other kids. She had a constant smile on her face. Bella really enjoyed it. My heart was still hurting because I wondered if she saw the way the juggler had looked at her. Her face painted a different picture. She clearly didn't notice and wasn't concerned at all about juggling. She was enjoying the things that they were doing and was unphased by the expression he had made.

That night I asked "How did High Interest Day go?"

"Best day ever!" she said.

"It was SO fun!" Grayson said.

Clearly my kids enjoyed the day and juggling wasn't something that effected her in one way or another. Kids figure it out, better than adults. Juggling was a small piece of the pie for the day. Did I ask her how juggling specifically went? No because in the end, if she didn't feel like it was worth talking more about, then it wasn't. Let your kids be your guide and go with it!

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