Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More words that hurt

Sometimes it's not what your child says that hurts you, it's what another adult says about your child.

I was talking to some other moms about the juggling at High Interest Day at our elementary school. It started out as a few moms having a conversation that lead to stinging and pain. I expressed the look on the jugglers face when "a child" walked in to juggling and I explained how the jugglers face couldn't hide his expression.

"Well you NEED two hands to juggle!"

My mind is blanking as to what my response was at this point. I mean, really I was kind of in shock. In shock that she didn't know that "the child" was MY daughter. In shock that she said that... in shock at her stupidity... you don't NEED two hands for anything actually. It would be nice to have two hands and as "that child said", it would be nice to have two hands like the rest of her family. It's for certain not a necessity.

"You CAN'T juggle with one hand"

Again, what I said, no clue. I can't remember for the life of me and it just happened today! I can tell you that ANYTHING is possible and saying I can't is not an option at our house... You MUST try. That doesn't mean that we, as the parents, won't help you. It does mean that you have to try, whether you have one hand or ten. Whether you are doing math or tying shoes, you WILL try. Failing will make you stronger and will help you to learn. Quitting is NOT an option.

My heart stung once again. The stupidity amazed me. Where on God's green earth is your filter lady? Do you not realize that I'm talking about MY daughter? And even if I wasn't, how dare you say that the child CAN'T... just because YOU couldn't doesn't mean he/she can't.

"Someone should have warned the juggler!"

I do recall saying something about me being pretty sure I never warned anyone. I mean do you "warn" people that you have blue eyes, do you warn them about your dark frizzy hair, what about the mole on your chin, or the sudden adult acne breakout? Maybe I should just put a warning label on her head... I mean Really??

My heart stung a bit, my tongue bled, my face showed disbelief, my smile tried to hide it all.

I will tell you that that the child I'm talking about is MY child, my first born, the one that made me a mother, the one that has the biggest heart, that wants to heal all pain, that wants to bring my dad back for me to see him again, the one that covers me up if I fall asleep on the couch, the one that has the sweetest smile, the most sincere thoughts, the best laugh, the snaggle tooth smile, the best green eyes I've ever seen, the one that showed me that you can love someone before you meet them, that you can worry before they even leave your body, the one that knows my heartbeat from the inside. She's mine. I CAN tell you that there's nothing she CAN'T do that's she's wanted.

She CAN: climb trees, tie shoes, do her own ponytail, braid my hair, button buttons, put on socks, go rock climbing, be a girl scout, carry things in both arms, climb, open jars, pour milk, hike, run, walk, bike, rope climb, cut steak, bull ride... the list is really endless. What I will tell you is don't EVER tell my child that she can't. That's why I'm her mom and YOU aren't.

I'll leave you with this one handed juggling on you-tube just as a reminder that ANYTHING is possible.

One handed juggling on You-tube

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