Friday, June 2, 2017


Yesterday Bella came home from school with news that one of her "best friends" was moving. This is a child that she's been friends with since kindergarten and he happens to be someone that is an incredible role model for all those around him. Bella's been lucky to have him on her side from the start of her formal education journey.
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What's a mom to do? Well I promptly texted his mom to ask about it. Their details are their business but I will share that their are talks of them moving. My heart broke for Bella and for me. I like this family!

Bella said "I know you sent his mom a text, what did she say?" I simply said "they are talking about it but nothing is final yet so we'll have to wait and see"

Her words shocked me. Sometimes she's totally my child (hello eye rolling!) and sometimes, like this, I wonder where she came from.

"Mom, if Bill (name changed for privacy) moves, then I'll be sad. He's one of my best friends. But you know what? It would be a good opportunity for him to continue to grow and learn. I know he'll make lots of new friends. I know that we'll still talk and be friends too. It's a good opportunity for him, you know?"

I sat there in awe of my girl. So much wisdom in such a little lady. First off, where did she know and learn how to use the word "opportunity" appropriately? I sometimes have denial that she's growing up! I know she has wisdom well beyond her years. I also admire her for the ability to let her heart break a little and see the golden lining for her dear friend. I'm not sure I could be as strong as her if I tried.

My best friend lives in Kansas City, I'm an adult and can travel to see her and I still hate it every single day. No, like really, I hate it. We've maintained our friendship over many miles for many years. We got married within months of each other, we had babies close together, we are both working mamas with little to no time. You know what... when something is important to you, you make it happen. My friendship is important and it helps to maintain what little sanity I have left.

I know that Bella will keep Bill close to her heart whether or not he goes to her school. She admires his kindness, his ability to stick up for others, his dedication to sports and his ability to include everyone. I also know that as her mom, I'll work for her to maintain this friendship. My eyes fill with tears as I type this. Somehow, I'm part of raising this girl. Somehow, we've done something right. Somehow, she'll find the courage and the strength to support and encourage her friend even if it means some sadness for her. Somehow, I'll muster up the strength to help her through it.

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