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Bella's first blog on her own


Mom's note: These are Bella's words, she wrote the whole thing! She also picked which pictures were included. She wanted the pregnant mama of the baby girl to see her hand and not be afraid. *melt my heart, I'm so glad she's mine!*

Take a step back

As I keep reading Facebook and struggle with whether to keep reading or take a step back. I took a step back. I hugged my children tighter, I snuggled them on an evening when we literally had no time and they should have been in bed an hour before. I giggled with them until my face hurt. I kissed their faces until my cheeks hurt. I held them tightly in my arms.

I thought about the parents of little Lane, the boy that got drug into the water by an alligator at Disney. I pondered the what-if's that I know they were pondering. What if we would have went to bed instead of went to watch the movie on the beach? What if we had chosen not to wade in the water? What if the signs had said there were alligators in the water? What if... I thought about my children and how I would want to end my own life if I lost one of them. I'm sure the pain would be too severe to go on.

 I thought about his sister, just a few years older. I thought about my baby (33 year old) brother and how my heart w…

Keepin' it real

At a gathering of friend's the other day, I was told "thanks for keeping it real". I said "what do you mean?" I had no idea what this chic was talking about. Turns out, she was talking about my Facebook updates. She said that I made her feel real and that life could be a struggle instead of roses and sunshine daily. We both got a good laugh when talking about our kids and the things they say or do. I joked that our youngest may have a page in his baby book that says "Stuff I broke"!

Honestly, I never have had much of a filter... that can be bad... or good. In this case, it was good for her. I see lots of people's profiles painted with happiness and love. Often times I wonder how on God's green earth everything comes up daisies for them when there are days I'm wondering if I should add vodka to the lemonade I made out of the lemons I was handed. While I still enjoy their posts and updates, I wonder why we all don't just keep it real. I …

Disabled? Not my girl!

It's summer break. With break comes exploring and soaking in life every second we can. Weather has been HOT. The kids have been begging to get in the water and "go to the beach". Last year, we explored tons of different areas throughout Milwaukee and nearby cities so we became more familar with with our community has to offer. Let me tell you, there's a ton of stuff to do in summer! Stay tuned for our adventures and we'll post all of our favorites throughout the summer.

Saturday afternoon we opted to explore Fox Brook Beach once again. It was insanely busy! Tons of families had the same idea. We paid for our year pass at the booth and off we went. I've gotten smart and sunscreened the kids at home and put them in their suits, that way once we get there, they are free to go!

We found a spot near the water on the beach and sat up. Towels layed out, sand toys dumped in the sand, snacks in our bag, the sun on our face, a perfect day to relax and explore. We all…

Creepy creeperson

A few weeks ago we were camping in Dubuque, Iowa. We met my mom and stepdad for the Memorial Day weekend. Talk about a great time! Tutu and Papa hanging out, buying ice cream from the ice cream truck, hiking, running wild, digging in the mud, laughing and giggling until far too late in the night. It was right on the river and the campground was full to the brim.

Tons of people surrounded us. People in tents, RV's, people riding bikes, walking dogs, exploring, having camp fires, talking, laughing, people playing games, letting loose and enjoying the scenery, blood sucking mosquitos, the cool river air on your face, the wind in our hair. We hiked, we walked, we played, we explored. We all went to the weekend Farmers market. The kids, Ryan and I went on a hike and did some exploring. Mom and Mark went gambling. Memories were made and will kept close to our hearts.

Our last afternoon, we went to a park to explore. It was set high on a hill overlooking the river. There were kids everyw…

Be still my heart

Friday was Bella's last day of first grade. When did my first born get so big? When did her eyes get so green? How did her legs grow SOOOOO long? When did she become so aware of the environment around her? How on earth can I have a child going into second grade? When did my baby become so aware of other people's thoughts and feelings?
Silly girl! The boys and I took her to school, gave her teacher a gift and then walked down the hall to see the Kindergarten rooms. G-man will be starting next year- insert sad mommy face here- We left then came back for lunch and recess. 
I watched at recess how Bella interacted with her friends. Most of all, I watched how she looked out for a sweet girl in her class. S has autism. Bella has said multiple times how you have to talk a certain way so that she'll understand. She even packed up some Dora stuff in her backpack for S because she LOVES Dora. Bella helped S on some of the playground equipment and gave her very simple one word instru…

"Mom, you need privacy"

I hung my work badge from my rearview mirror. I used to do this years ago then stopped... then this semester, I'm at three different locations. I work for one place but at two different hospitals and one campus. This means, I have three different badges. Yay me! Most days, I'm doing well to pack a lunch so I needed a no-brainer place to keep my badge.

Bella got into my van yesterday and said "Mom, you really need privacy. People can see that there. It has your picture and your last name. Someone could google you and find you. You shouldn't keep that there, for real."

Is she six or sixteen? I mean "for real" who has time to "google" me? Why on earth would someone care enough to google me. Hell, I don't even google me! (OK I lied, I just did for fun and half of the pictures on there aren't even me... go figure) Anyhow, this kid may be on to something. I mean really, what if?

So where's the best place to hang my badge so I don't l…

How I got my $hit together...kind of

I'd be lying if I said I had it all together. With two parents working outside the home, 3 little kids, a dog, a house to maintain, $hit hits the fan daily. Laundry... never ending. Messes...constant. Laughter.... mostly. Tears... yeah those too. Losing my mind trying to keep it all together... always.

I recently went on a girl's trip and my best friend tried to convince me to go mobile with my planner. As if! I'm a paper planner girl. You'd think after 15 years of friendship that she'd know that :) Really, she was trying to make my life easier, a tiny bit less stressful, a way to get it together for once and for all... kind of. At least a way for my husband and I to know where I was working that day (pretty important in case of emergency), what appointments we had as a family, who's birthday was coming up, the normal day to day stuff.  I've mentioned that I teach nursing, which means I'm at three different locations weekly and sometimes four. We were s…