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No easy task

Sometimes I pause for a second and wonder how I became so lucky to be the mama of 3 happy, healthy, beautiful babies... other times, I wonder if I can sell them to the zoo but we won't talk about that right now!

This was the first year that I've sewn the fingers to gloves closed and cut the fingers off. It was bothering her and she asked how to fix it. I came up with a solution and it works. Well today, she pulled out a brand new set and put it on. Then said this "Mom wouldn't it be funny if people said something about me having two gloves and 10 fingers and I told them they grew." I smiled and giggled with her. "Mom wouldn't it be cool if they did grow"... my heart shattered. I smiled and said "super cool". What else is a mom to say?

Being a parent is no easy task even with kids with all 10 fingers. Remember how I said sometimes I want to sell them to the zoo? Sometimes I would even pay the zoo to take them! I'm kidding... kind of....…