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How we fundraise and budget for Camp No Limits.

Yes we fundraise, yes we ask for donations, we do fundraising motorcycle rides yearly in Missouri, we've done garage sales and bake sales and a bowling event and instead of birthday presents, Bella often asks for people to help her go to camp. It's a great way for her to ask for help to contribute instead of another toy or doll that gets tossed aside days after she receives it. Honestly, every single dollar counts.

This year our out of pocket was ZERO thanks to all of you!! So from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, I thank you, WE thank you. This is something that we plan for as a family because it's that important to us. Our vacation time revolves around Camp No Limits! This year, the money we had budgeted to go to camp will allow us to tack on a little pre-camp vacation. So we'll get to see Portland, Maine for a few days before camp starts. We are excited, none of us have ever been to the northeast!

I can't thank you enough for making this possib…

Why we take the brothers to camp.

A few weeks back Bella said "I wish you were allergic to brothers and not cats". We both laughed. She and I both know that our lives would be so different without our boys and we wouldn't be who we are without them. They both have unique personalities and keep us on our toes in very different ways.

Recently I was asked why we take the boys to camp with us and why we go as a family.... A great question! We use the time to bond as a family. While the experience was initially for just Bella, we learned the first year that it was truly a family experience. There were sibling activities, parent groups, groups for limb different kids, there was truly something for everyone.

It's especially important at the ages they are now (3 and 5). They live with Bella every day. Her hand and her difference is not usually a topic of conversation. We usually only really talk about it when something comes up (a situation at the playground, difficulty with a certain task). They are used to…

No limits

Seriously, Bella continues to kill me daily with the things she says or does. I mean she's 6 going on 16 with a quickness! It's a joke at our house that she could sell fancy car to a homeless man, she's that good at negotiating and convincing :) She swears she could be president IF she wanted... I put nothing past my girl! 
Last weekend at the cottage, Grayson pulled out the bow and arrow. He desperately wanted to try to shoot it. Thankfully the arrow had no point, it was filled off. Either way, LOTS of discussion about safety ensued "Know your target and beyond, take your time, listen at all times, be patient"... you get the idea. Naturally Grayson was a pro! He amazed me with how far he could shoot and his focus was something fierce! He was dedicated and patient. We'll see where that takes him.
The rest of the kids lined up and waited their turn. Then, up came Bella's turn. There are things limb different parents think out and things we don't. Hone…

What goes into planning to attend Camp No Limits?

Several parents have asked me about Camp No Limits lately and with our planning in full force, I figured now was a great time to talk about everything that the planning entails for us. With 5 of us and the ages of our children, it's not as easy to travel as it once was. There are many camps that have dorm style sleeping, which I'm sure we'll embrace in the next couple of years. However with Luca still waking at night, it's best that no one else has to endure all that!

The first thing that we plan come January is plan our vacation time for the year. With both parents working, this can be a challenge. For the last 3 years, Camp No Limits (CNL) has ranked high on our vacation priority list. This last year, we planned around timing of school schedules too, which added a whole new challenge! So school schedules get mapped out, work schedules for both of us then we figure out what works best for timing. Florida CNL has always worked best for schedules... until this year. Wi…

Cottage life

We spent July 4th weekend at Ryan's family cottage. I LOVE it. It's been in the family for many years, like his great grandparents used to go there too. I love that it has history, that it hasn't been knocked down and rebuilt. I love that it tells the stories of what was and what is. I love that we get to share the experience with our kids and make new memories there. I love that there are always people around, Grandma, Great-grandma, great-aunts, great uncle, second cousins, aunts, uncles and cousins. We are making new memories as our little family of five and with our extended family. The kids love it.

This weekend was jammed packed. We raced up after work on Friday, which in reality meant leaving the house around 6pm and stopping for Culvers in route. Saturday we spent hiking at High Cliff park with Grandma Linda, Aunt Cindee, Uncle Stephan, Ricky, Dominic and our family. We swam in the lake, walked to the park, played in the sandbox, played on the swingset, looked for…