Sunday, July 10, 2016

No limits

Seriously, Bella continues to kill me daily with the things she says or does. I mean she's 6 going on 16 with a quickness! It's a joke at our house that she could sell fancy car to a homeless man, she's that good at negotiating and convincing :) She swears she could be president IF she wanted... I put nothing past my girl! 

Last weekend at the cottage, Grayson pulled out the bow and arrow. He desperately wanted to try to shoot it. Thankfully the arrow had no point, it was filled off. Either way, LOTS of discussion about safety ensued "Know your target and beyond, take your time, listen at all times, be patient"... you get the idea. Naturally Grayson was a pro! He amazed me with how far he could shoot and his focus was something fierce! He was dedicated and patient. We'll see where that takes him.

The rest of the kids lined up and waited their turn. Then, up came Bella's turn. There are things limb different parents think out and things we don't. Honestly, shooting a bow was NOT something I had thought about! Pony tails, braids, shoe tying, wedding rings, painting nails, typing... but not shooting a bow. And just like many limb different kids, they don't really "think" about it either. They just jump in and do it. They do it their way. 
This is Bella, doing it her way. Happy as ever I might add. She figured it out, some trial, some error, lots of happiness, a few adjustments, lots of memories and giggles. If it's something that she decides she wants to do more of, we'll adapt if we need too. We'll reach out to our community of friends and family. 
For this girl, MY girl, the SKY IS THE LIMIT!

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