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Happy Birthday Bug!!

Four years ago on July 24th, we were waiting anxiously for our Bella to be born. We should have known from the get go that she would be full of spunk since my water broke 5 weeks early! I remember crying because I was so nervous that she would need a NICU stay. Instead, she came out calm and collected, weighing a whopping 5 lbs 10 oz, big for a preemie.

Four years ago, our lives were forever changed. We became parents. It would bring a world of love, challenges, learning, happiness and joy. We both fell in love with our daughter and fell in love with each other all over again.

We are blessed beyond measure. Thank you to all who have helped us meet our birthday goal of $500, we've raised over DOUBLE our first goal and it's only the beginning of this journey. There are many other fundraisers and activities waiting in the wings. Today is a day to be thankful, to be happy.

Bella Kailani,
Thank you for blessing our lives. For chosing us to be your parents, I honestly believe th…

Meeting with the prosthetist

Say that 10 times fast! Today, we went to Hanger Prosthetics in Milwaukee for the first time where we met Scott. I thought there would be pictures from our visit but there was nothing really to take pictures of. Yesterday, I felt overwhelmed and almost a little sad about the whole thing. We think Bella is perfect just the way she is, so modifying her in any way made me feel a way that I had not felt before. Life is about change and growing and learning. As a mother, those things are constant in our lives.

Our visit at Hanger went well. It was full of information. The reason we just now pursued a prosthetic is because when Bella was first born we wanted her to learn to live life with what she was born with and make the most of what she was given. I'm not saying early intervention with prosthetics is a wrong choice or a right choice, it's just not the choice that we made for our daughter and our family. She has been asking about fingers for her other hand so we wanted to find ou…

Where there's a will...

Our strong willed girl is just that, strong willed! When she sets out to do something, she does it all of the way. There's no backing down once she puts her mind to something.  She always amazes us. We remember when she was first born, so many questions fill your head as a parent.... How will she wear a wedding ring? How will she tie her shoes? How will she button buttons on her pants or her coat? How will she hold things or carry things? How will she zip her coat? What about holding a sippy cup? How will she crawl? The questions flooded our heads. There are still days we have questions but so many of those questions have already been answered...

Tonight, I was lying in bed with her and she wanted a bow on her bunny's ear. Her bunny is her "lovey" and she sleeps with her every night. The bow on "bun buns" right ear is tattered and torn, it's very well loved. The bow on bun buns left ear fell off a couple of years ago. I replaced it with a new bow and s…


Welcome to our first blog post! We'll try to give you some background here about Bella and about why we are starting this journey now.

Who is Bella?

Bella is a spunky, sweet little 4 year old first born. We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that our daughter would be born with left hand limb difference, meaning she was born with her left forearm and wrist but no fingers on her left hand. She has grown to not know life any different. Bella has never used a prosthetic. We encourage her and embrace her at every turn. She has more recently started to question why she was born this way and why we can’t plant seeds in her “little hand” to grow fingers. She does everything other kids her age do, she adapts things to her. She makes things work in a way that work for her, often without any guidance from us.

Why did we start this blog now? 
With Bella starting to ask more questions about why she was born this way. She's started to notice the stares and looks that people give her. Sh…