Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Welcome to our first blog post! We'll try to give you some background here about Bella and about why we are starting this journey now.

Who is Bella?

Bella is a spunky, sweet little 4 year old first born. We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that our daughter would be born with left hand limb difference, meaning she was born with her left forearm and wrist but no fingers on her left hand. She has grown to not know life any different. Bella has never used a prosthetic. We encourage her and embrace her at every turn. She has more recently started to question why she was born this way and why we can’t plant seeds in her “little hand” to grow fingers. She does everything other kids her age do, she adapts things to her. She makes things work in a way that work for her, often without any guidance from us.

Why did we start this blog now? 

With Bella starting to ask more questions about why she was born this way. She's started to notice the stares and looks that people give her. She notices that people touch her "little" hand and are curious. Curiousity is normal, invading and intruding on someone else's space is not okay. We're working hard to teach her the difference. She feels sad and unsure when she realizes people are drawn to her hand. We're trying to encourage her to explain to people about her personal space and asking before touching. Touching someone else without asking is not okay. Asking questions and listening to their answers is a perfect way for someone else to learn. Due to age, she's curious, she's learning, she's growing. Now is a vital time in her life for her and us, as her parents, to network with others so we can help her become the most confident, independent young girl that she can be. 

What is our goal with this blog? 

 Our main goal is to educate others about her difference. We want to teach them how to educate those around them about limb differences, how to approach people with differences and how to ask questions. Our secondary goal is to raise funds to send Bella and our family to Camp No Limits.

What is Camp No Limits?
Camp No Limits is a non-profit organization that provides camps for children with limb loss and limb differences. It provides education, mentorship and support for kids and their families. It creates an opportunity for these children to meet and see other children like them. It also allows parents to network with one another to discuss how to better educate our children how to do things that may be a challenge, how to respond to stares and questions and more. It also provides us all the opportunity to figure out how to better educate the public about these differences.  More information can be found at

Why we want to do this?
We believe that instilling confidence and high self esteem in young children is important. Bella is a very strong willed little girl. We are so very proud of the person she is becoming. That said, it's our job as her parents to continue to encourage and embrace her. It's our job to be sure that she knows she is in fact perfect just the way she is! Bella is quick to respond to questions from others with “this is just how I was born” or “I was born this way”. We try not to intervene when possible to give Bella the opportunity to respond to situations in her own way. After being followed around by some other children at a local park, I saw her try to hide her left arm in her shirt. She explained that she needed space and didn’t want her left arm to be touched. I promptly intervened and took the opportunity to teach the other kids about differences such as hair and eye colors and about personal space and not touching someone else without asking. 

Please consider donating to Bella's camp fund. 100% of the money raised will be used to send her and our family to camp. You can donate via by sending your donation to Feel free to email me with questions or anything else you think would be helpful for our blog! This is a learning process for all of us.

We will be planning some fundraisers in the months to come as well in the Milwaukee and Kansas City areas! Stay tuned for updates!

Our first fundraiser will be July 11-12 in the form of a garage sale and bake sale at our home. We can't wait to see how it turns out. 

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  1. This little girl is amazing!! She has such a sweet heart and is loved by many.I am her TuTU and when I had cancer a few years back and she is my inspiration on living! Please help me send her to camp so she will see others with limb differences. She has so many questions and wants Magic dust to help her get a hand. She is only 3!!! God sent her to us because she is so special! So we Will get her to camp!!Love you to the moon Bella Reach for the stars!!


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