Friday, July 12, 2013

Where there's a will...

Our strong willed girl is just that, strong willed! When she sets out to do something, she does it all of the way. There's no backing down once she puts her mind to something.  She always amazes us. We remember when she was first born, so many questions fill your head as a parent.... How will she wear a wedding ring? How will she tie her shoes? How will she button buttons on her pants or her coat? How will she hold things or carry things? How will she zip her coat? What about holding a sippy cup? How will she crawl? The questions flooded our heads. There are still days we have questions but so many of those questions have already been answered...

Tonight, I was lying in bed with her and she wanted a bow on her bunny's ear. Her bunny is her "lovey" and she sleeps with her every night. The bow on "bun buns" right ear is tattered and torn, it's very well loved. The bow on bun buns left ear fell off a couple of years ago. I replaced it with a new bow and she was not a happy camper about that so she took it off. Tonight, she mentioned how she's been wanting another bow for bunny and I just happened to have one. Bunny's from build a bear and it has just the basic build a bear bow around her ears. I offered to put the other bow on bunny's ear. She said "MOOOOMMM, I got it!" and so I watched wondering how she would stretch the elastic that was attached to the bow and get it around bunny's floppy ear. Not once did she ask for help. She stretched the elastic around her left hand, then put a finger in the elastic and she put it right in place. Never thinking twice about how it would be done. She just did it with no issues at all. I watched and then simply said "way to go doing that all by yourself with no help". She, of course, smiled her sweet smile and called me "silly". That's our girl!

Are you a parent of a child with a limb difference? Are you wondering how she crawled? How she held a sippy? How she holds or carries things? Keep checking back our blog and we'll post more about the challenges we thought she would face and how she answered so many of our questions by just growing. If you have specific questions feel free to email us!

To those who have donated to our camp fund, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! We are working hard towards our goal and working on some more fundraisers. Our garage sale was a success and there's still more to sell. We're hoping for one more garage sale in the weeks to come and then on to different fundraisers! Again, thank you all for those who are reading and those who have donated. It means more than we could put into words!

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