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Starting Kindergarten

In less than a week, our baby girl, will be starting kindergarten. How is that even possible? We've been super busy since we came home from camp and quite honestly, it's hard to even shower some days with 3 little kids. We've been running and exploring non-stop! It's been a fantastic summer and we have no complaints. The weather was perfect, a great mix of hot days and cool nights. We've gone to Ryan's families cottage as many times as we possibly can and we've lived it up for sure! Our fire pit that was built last year was put to use plenty of times.

Tonight was open house night at school. Bella was nervous, which is completely the opposite of her typical personality. It's weird to see her like that and it takes some time for me to figure out how to respond.  I held her left hand and she reached her right hand across to hold my hand tightly, either that or daddy and I each had a hand. I think she's like me, nervous to start a new adventure but exc…