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Seriously? Seriously!

Bella's had a loose tooth for what seems like an eternity... Really since my birthday, April 21st. Last night around 3am, she climbed in my bed saying it was bothering her. Like any good mom, I shined my phone light into her mouth and the tooth was still there, no blood, no gapping hole, no redness, no swelling. Then I told her she could sleep with me.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I get off of work and race to the bus stop to get her before picking up the boys. She smiles from here to Alaska and then tells me she lost her tooth. I know how excited she was about it, you could see it shining in her face!

"Well where is it? How'd you lose it? What did the teacher say? What did the kids say?"

"Well I lost it at lunch!"

"You did, that's so cool!"

"And I swallowed it" she grinned.

"No way!! Where is it?"

"Seriously Mom, I swallowed it."

"Come on, stop playing, where is it?"

"No Mom, for real. It was an…

Seriously kid

I was tucking Bella into bed and we were doing our normal routine. Chatting, reading, giggling. Out of left field she lifts up her left hand and says "Mom, I think I'm getting a 6th finger!" with the biggest smile on her face.

Initially I didn't know what to say, so I said "really where?"

"See this little bump right here? That's where my 6th finger is growing!" True fact, she did have a little red bump on her left hand.

"Wow that's crazy!"

"Mom, did you seriously think I was growing a finger? I'll NEVER grow fingers, crazy!"

We both laughed and then carried on with our nightly routine. Sometimes, she says crazy stuff like that and sometimes she says other kinds of crazy stuff. Hand comments though, they always come out of no where for me.

Sometimes she's oh so matter of fact about it and very serious. Other times she's truly a six year old. Like tonight.

Almost there

Tonight I booked our flight for Camp No Limits Maine!! Our first time in Maine ever, a new state, a new camp, a new place to cross off of our bucket list. I can't wait. I almost had a heart attack at the price tag for flying with a family of five. Holy smokes Batman! Seriously, I work so we can travel :) Well... kind of.
(My crazy poser at Target)

I'd rather have a life full of memories than a house full of stuff. Stuff means nothing, we can't take it with us. Memories however, they are what keep us alive. Memories of my dad remind me of how deeply I was loved by him. Memories of sunny San Diego, remind me of the beach and meeting the Mr. Memories of hiking in Washington State are filled with laughter and our hike and how my pants were too long and got soaked to my knees. A tiny $12 ring I got on our Mt. Rainer hike still sits on my right hand and reminds me of our first adventures together, before we were truly a couple. Mexico reminds me of my sister and brother in laws …

Standardized testing

I received an email from our school about PALS testing this week and MAPS testing for two days the following week. I've emailed her teacher, who I completely adore to find out more about both. Do they last all day? Why two forms of standardized testing? Why does the MAPS testing last two days? How important are these tests?

I can't help but wonder all about this. Is it truly necessary that my first grader be subject to so much standardized testing? It seems a bit excessive to me. I'm anxious to hear her response. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing... so as any normal mama, I went to Facebook to find out what my friends thought. I have some opinionated friends! :) I'm thankful for feedback from all those that answered, honestly, there was a varied response with some very valid points.

Here's a brief summary:

"my kids struggle but the teachers are amazing so we do it"


"If SATS don't go away then standardized testing is …

Bella on being romantic

Seriously this kid... she kills me sometimes with the things that she says. So I'm in bed with her tucking her in for the night and she says "You and Daddy are romantic."

"What does romantic mean anyways?" I asked, almost afraid to find out the answer.

"That you kiss with your tongue!"

"Ew, why would I kiss Daddy with my tongue! You better not EVER kiss a boy with your tongue!"

"Well it's when you hold your face when you kiss"

"Daddy doesn't hold my face when he kisses me... but Grayson does! So he's romantic!" We both laugh and she gives me the side eye.

"MOM, Seriously, it's when you love someone, you are romantic with them"

"Oh I think I understand" as I smile, hoping to end the conversation for fear of what she might say next!

"Let's just read, okay. I'll read you some poems I wrote" and away she goes, reading her poems. I smile to think that she's thinking about …

Mom guilt

I've talked about it before and I'm readdressing it today. Yesterday I was working my first day at my new job. (Yay for full-time faculty position less than a year after getting my master's degree!) I received a phone call from Bella's school. I was in a meeting and unable to answer. Then I received a text message from my mom "Bella has a tummy ache and is hunched over and school called me". Then a few minutes later, I received a text message from my mother-in-law "Bella is in the office and I'm at the doctor". I politely excused myself, listened to my voicemail then called Bella's school.

I was told that Bella was in the office with a tummy ache. Que the nurse mom... 

"Is she puking?"

"Well, no."

"Does she have diarrhea?"

"No, but she's been here for 20 minutes complaining of her tummy hurting."

"Does she have a fever?"


"Do you think she's contagious, needs to go …