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Thank you!

I'd like to pause for a moment to say thank you... THANK YOU! To each and every single one of you for reading our blog and keeping up on our lives, for donating, for listening. I hope this blog helps you or your family in some way as well. I started this as a way for us to get to Camp No Limits. It's grown into something more. It's grown into a way to connect, a way to share memories, a way to help other families as well. I've been contacted by a few moms and I'm happy to help in any way that I or that we can. It's a blessing to be able to help other families, to share what we've been through, the challenges we've faced and the joys that have come.

This blog allows us to connect to each and every one of you. If you have a question or there's something you'd like me to address, please leave a comment and I'll do my very best.

Thank you for allowing our family to attend camp again, to build friendships and gain confidence! I'm just a mom d…

Camp No Limits

It came and it went, just like that. It's too short, it's too fast. Just like life. We were so lucky to attend Camp No Limits again this year and we received the JIQ scholarship. It was a giant blessing to attend again!

We drove straight from the airport to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which is home to Winter the Dolphin. We had some baggage issues at the airport so we ended up meeting everyone a little late. We started seeing prosthetics, missing hands, missing legs, crutches, Camp No Limits shirts and most of all, warm, welcoming smiles. Some familiar faces and many, many new faces. You can always tell the group though, people are smiling and happy. It's truly a family. Watching Winter was awesome but the highlight of the aquarium this time was the stingray experience. She touched them last year but this year she didn't want to leave that area. She LOVED it! We had dinner back at camp and some introductions. We ended the night with an animal show. Luca and Bella h…

Why Camp No Limits?

(Yep this is a super old picture but look how sweet!) A friend asked me the other day why we chose Camp No Limits when there were "so many other camps out there". It's hard to explain honestly. I just felt an instant connection with the director when I spoke with her. Mary was friendly and gave me her cell number without hesitation when I was a first time camp mom. I had a million questions about how camp would work with 3 little ones, rooming, meals, what we should bring, etc. She was kind and welcoming right away. She didn't hesitate to answer my questions and didn't make me feel like a complete idiot :)

Yes, there are other camps available. Not a ton but probably about a handful. I'm not knocking any of them or saying we'll never go to them. There is a possibility that we may some day. For me and for our family, it's important to chose something that is a good fit. Only you can decide what will be a good fit for you and your family. I say that a t…

Oh, Christmas tree, Oh, Christmas tree

My aunt posted a blog about her tree and what makes her tree special. There are blogs upon blogs dedicated in having the perfect tree. How to space the lights, how many lights to use, what ornaments and their dimensions, how many ornaments... What makes YOUR tree perfect?

Our tree is decorated in ornaments from all over. From Ryan and I dating, from our days of living in Hawaii, from vacations we took, from first house ornaments, to first baby ornaments, to baby's first Christmas, my dad's old rocking horses and santas... It's my Grandma Tootie and Papa Allan's tree. It was passed to me and it sits in the corner of our living room each year. It's massive, too big for our house. Just right for the love that fills this house though!

These pictures don't nearly show it's massive size. It's perfect for us. It fills our hearts with happiness and joy each year when we set it up. Each ornament has a meaning and a story. I can't imagine it any other way. I …

Bedtime stories

This is our family on Christmas Day, all dressed up and celebrating. Each night we tuck the kids into bed, we talk about whatever they bring up. It's their turn to have some one on one time with mom and then dad or vice versa. Tonight it went something like this...

Laying in bed with Bella "Mom, I'm so glad you picked my dad to marry"
"Dad, if I was an adult and wasn't your daughter... If mama wasn't your wife... I would line up all of the boys I want to marry and I would X them all out and still pick you to marry"

Laying in bed with Grayson "Mom, I love Keegan"
"Mom, why are you so afraid of this plastic lion, it's just plastic. It's just a lion. It has blood in it's mouth. It's pretend."

Laying in bed with Luca feeling something hard and plastic under my head. "Here honey, snuggle your frog"
"What's this, Luca?"