Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Application submitted!

We officially submitted our application for Maine Camp No Limits!

Those of you that follow the blog and our journey know that we have attended the Florida Camp No Limits the past two years. This year, with new jobs and commitments, Florida was not an option for us. We feel like we've made a second set of family in Florida. I could list the names of the people that we've created close relationships with and enjoy spending time with. The parents have helped me grow as a mama of a child with a limb difference and as a mama of three kids. The kids have helped build Bella's confidence. The sibling program has grown and changed in such a positive way, the boys REALLY enjoyed it last year. I felt comfortable letting them go so that Ryan and I and Bella could do things too. Bella has friends there that she admires and looks up to. She has friends there that don't question her abilities to do things. She has grown to ask when she'll see them next.

We couldn't let a year pass without attending Camp No Limits! While we knew Florida was not an option due to the dates, we researched other locations. We then decided to determine when we could make a vacation out of the experience. We could tack on some other adventures before or after camp was complete or started. Maine camp just happens to start the week after Bella's birthday. Talk about an amazing birthday present! For that camp she was also out of school so we didn't have to pull her out of school to attend. However trust me, camp is SO important that it's worth it to miss school!

So our application is in and we'll be attending Maine camp! I can't wait to see all the camp has to offer. I can't wait to see how the sibling program has grown and see how much the boys enjoy it. I'm excited to see what new skill Bella will come home knowing how to do. I'm thrilled to meet more of the limb difference community, make new friends and family. I'm excited to see what adventures the kids will go on!

Bella has mastered so much at CNL in just two camps! She learned shoe tying last year, which was giant! She has learned buttoning buttons, doing zippers, buckles and ponytails, all at camp! Most of all, she gained an unwavering confidence in her abilities to do or try anything. Giving up is not an option. She rope climbing in trees and kayaked too.

You can find our paypal link on the side of the blog if you wish to support our journey to camp. The paypal link allows us to pay for our flight to Maine and home, as well as transportation to and from camp. A donation directly to CNL in Bella's name will help pay for some of our family members to attend camp. We appreciate every time that you pass on our blog or our links so that we can continue to attend CNL and raise awareness about limb differences. Feel free to share this on Facebook, twitter, instagram or your own blog! Without your love and support, this is not possible for us. So know that we appreciate each and every one of you!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Maybe I don't hate March

March is usually a rough month for me. It's the month that I held my stomach and sobbed as someone held the phone to my dad's ear while he died on the other end of the phone. This year is five years. I expected it to suck and there have been moments when it does. Moments when I cried when the rest of the house was asleep. Moments when I cried in the shower or when the kids were napping and at school.

This weekend, my feelings changed a bit. We spent Saturday doing what we do best, lounging and loving. We spent Sunday morning hiking with my brother in law and his family. We are SO lucky to have family close by and our kids are blessed to have cousins their age to love and make memories with. We hiked and soaked up the scenery while our boots were covered in mud. We laughed and the kids played and made up stories as we went along. I took a few moments to really savor the sound of their voices, the laughter that filled the air and the sights around us. I love that we love being outside and exploring. I love that our kids love that too. I also love that it's a way for us to bond with our extended family.

Sunday evening, we took dinner to "Hampa" as Luca calls him. It's okay because at 92, he calls Luca "Luco" and Luca laughs and says "Hampa calls me Luto"... he calls himself "Luta"... ah being a toddler. I love the way kids pronounce words! We enjoyed filling grandpa's house with the smell of mexican food and the sound of noise and laughter. The kids enjoyed it, we enjoyed it and I know Grandpa enjoyed it too.

Today, it's Monday. It was sunny and 64. It's March... that's unheard of. We all walked Bella to school. We played in the yard. I did a Pinterest project. We laughed, we loved. It's March and I'm not only surviving. I'm happy. This week is good and maybe I don't hate March after all.

CAMP NO LIMITS all booked!

This picture was taken just last weekend while we were camping. Bella and I were walking around the camp ground just the girls. Dirty from...