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Application submitted!

We officially submitted our application for Maine Camp No Limits!

Those of you that follow the blog and our journey know that we have attended the Florida Camp No Limits the past two years. This year, with new jobs and commitments, Florida was not an option for us. We feel like we've made a second set of family in Florida. I could list the names of the people that we've created close relationships with and enjoy spending time with. The parents have helped me grow as a mama of a child with a limb difference and as a mama of three kids. The kids have helped build Bella's confidence. The sibling program has grown and changed in such a positive way, the boys REALLY enjoyed it last year. I felt comfortable letting them go so that Ryan and I and Bella could do things too. Bella has friends there that she admires and looks up to. She has friends there that don't question her abilities to do things. She has grown to ask when she'll see them next.

We couldn't let a year…

Maybe I don't hate March

March is usually a rough month for me. It's the month that I held my stomach and sobbed as someone held the phone to my dad's ear while he died on the other end of the phone. This year is five years. I expected it to suck and there have been moments when it does. Moments when I cried when the rest of the house was asleep. Moments when I cried in the shower or when the kids were napping and at school.

This weekend, my feelings changed a bit. We spent Saturday doing what we do best, lounging and loving. We spent Sunday morning hiking with my brother in law and his family. We are SO lucky to have family close by and our kids are blessed to have cousins their age to love and make memories with. We hiked and soaked up the scenery while our boots were covered in mud. We laughed and the kids played and made up stories as we went along. I took a few moments to really savor the sound of their voices, the laughter that filled the air and the sights around us. I love that we love being o…