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We just wanted to say how thankful we are for all of you! We are thankful for the love and support of this community. We are thankful to be able to voice our thoughts and opinions here. We are thankful that we have the opportunity to influence and impact others and show others that there is so much to be thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Happy Haligration!

That's how Grayson says Happy Graduation. "Happy Haligration mom!"  I swear, I'll miss this stage someday. I tried to post a video but it didn't upload. Bella jumped in bed with me yesterday morning and said "Happy Graduation mom, good job!" Ryan told them that it was my graduation day. It's hard to understand when there's no real ceremony here. That's the downside to going to school all online. We opted not to go to the actual ceremony and save the time and money for a real family vacation later.

Anyhow, yesterday was the big day! I graduated from my Master's in Nursing with an education emphasis. My goal is to teach nursing, which I'm kind of already doing now. Two years of struggle, homework, late nights, early mornings, sacrifices for the whole family, study days, homework days, naptime study sessions and paper writing. It was all worth it! I still can't believe that I finished and it's done. How is that possible?


Carrie and Ponytails

Last night Bella asked to put my hair in a ponytail while we were playing in her room. I hesitated and then agreed. I hesitated because I remember the days of getting my hair done by my mom as a child and getting wacked in the head with the bristles of a hair brush when I squirmed away. "Beauty suffers" she would say and I responded "I don't want to be beautiful!" Maybe now I know where my children get their stubborn streak! Bella didn't have a brush so I let her.

I had NO idea what was going on behind my head but I did feel my head get yanked a time or two. I sat quietly and she handed me a ponytail holder "Hold this mom". "Ok I'm ready" she said as I handed her the holder. She finished and just like that, my hair was in a ponytail. "Look in the mirror!" She squealed. Just like that my hair was in a ponytail. I took a photo that I'll post later. She did a great job! I'm so proud of her. I never once questioned her …


In the limb difference community, things come up that I sometimes have certain "feelings" about. Sometimes those feelings are hard to explain or put into words. The following can be summed up by the feeling of sadness...

There was a post today in one of my limb difference Facebook forums that discussed a gofundme account for a little girl. The account was set up by the mother of the child because she wants her child to have a hand transplant so she can "make heart shapes in photos like her cousins, to play baseball with her cousins, to tie her shoes, to do back bends, cut out her artwork, ride her bike without leaning forward, and hold two Barbie’s and have them talk to each others" Those are the mother's words, not mine.

Following the post on this page, parents of children with limb differences and adults with limb differences posted their views. One things I have learned and love about our community is the mass amount of support and love that surrounds us. I …

How do you make your kids feel special?

I came across this blog yesterday. I don't usually link to other blogs but I instantly fell in love with this woman and her thoughts. Being a parent is the hardest job I've ever had in my entire life. Did I mention I've been working since I was 15? So yeah, I've had a variety of jobs in my life.  I've been a cashier, worked at the mall, McDonalds, nanny, a waitress, a beer tub girl, a secretary, a chiropractic assistant, a bagger, babysitter, a checker, a lab assistant, an intern, a charge nurse, a pediatric staff nurse, learned a new hospital system in one shift, women's health nurse, a clinical instructor, a classroom instructor... yeah I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting one... or ten! Whatever, regardless, being a mom is HARD!

This blog spoke volumes to me. When we decided to have 3 kids, I struggled with how I would love each one. How would I make EVERYONE feel special? loved? important? Was there enough of me to go around? Would I still be a good wife?…

I may have lost my mind

This year, we've had a lot of transitions, like a whole lot. Ryan started a new job. I resigned from my job of seven years. I got a new job and a second new job. I'll be wrapping up graduate school in about a week. The kids started a new daycare. Bella started first grade. Yeah so we've had a few transitions. I'm now home every evening and get to spend the evenings with our little family. Remember that saying "the days are long but the years are short"? It's SO true. It was a really long day just the other day when we did a ton of yard work, cleaned out the garage and Luca flooded the bathroom... yeah that's an entirely different story.

I've opted to take the kids to Kansas City on my own... without Ryan... on a train...that takes 12 hours... shoot me now? Wine? Drink and ride? Baby leashes? Sedatives? Benadryl? Whiskey gums? Oh wait... all my kids have teeth and I don't drink whiskey. Yeah so I may have just lost my mind... or was it gone lon…

A glance into my daughter as a teenager...

We've been knees deep watching the World Series and rooting for the Royals (my hometown team). I let Bella stay up late and watch part of a game with me one night. She's curled up under my arm, cuddled tight into my body, rubbing her bunny just like any tired little six year old. Then she says it...

"Mom he's SOOOOO handsome" talking about Gordon, one of the Royal's players.

"I thought you said the Royals were SOOOO gross!" I responded and we both laughed.

"Well the Brewers aren't playing and I do kinda like em" she's trying to support her local team while her mom brainwashes her about the Royals and Kansas City :)

"I mean he has face stuff like daddy and that's so handsome" I couldn't argue with that. I like the few day old scruff too. It is handsome and manly. Wait, she's six! What the hell! We talk about how daddy or the boys look handsome or they comment how we look pretty or beautiful. I think it's im…