Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A glance into my daughter as a teenager...

We've been knees deep watching the World Series and rooting for the Royals (my hometown team). I let Bella stay up late and watch part of a game with me one night. She's curled up under my arm, cuddled tight into my body, rubbing her bunny just like any tired little six year old. Then she says it...

"Mom he's SOOOOO handsome" talking about Gordon, one of the Royal's players.

"I thought you said the Royals were SOOOO gross!" I responded and we both laughed.

"Well the Brewers aren't playing and I do kinda like em" she's trying to support her local team while her mom brainwashes her about the Royals and Kansas City :)

"I mean he has face stuff like daddy and that's so handsome" I couldn't argue with that. I like the few day old scruff too. It is handsome and manly. Wait, she's six! What the hell! We talk about how daddy or the boys look handsome or they comment how we look pretty or beautiful. I think it's important to grow up in a house that bleeds love. I want my kids to have zero question in their minds that we love them, that we think they are the bees knees and that it's nice to compliment someone when they did something well or they look nice. It makes people feel good. She's used to hearing those compliments and seeing the love that her father and I share. I'm proud of that. I'm proud that she knows her daddy and I love each other. I'm not so sure that she thinks a Royals player is handsome!

The Royals won the series and I've been sporting my gear for the last few weeks. Bella refuses to wear hers. She's a closed doors fan. She may never admit to her friends at school that she likes them... or maybe she will. She's strong and confident. Quite honestly, I wouldn't put it past her.

This morning, while getting ready for school things were rolling along nicely. She was playing and coloring and writing spelling words. The boys were wrestling and laughing. There were no tears or fighting... until she was mad about picking her outfit.

"Mom, I have NOTHING to wear. There's seriously nothing!" She yelled from her room.

"Boo you've got to be kidding me, your closet is full of clothes".

"Mom no seriously there's NOTHING! It's all gross" and so it continued.

She has her "own mismatched style" and she doesn't care if she matches. She cares that she feels good in what she wears. Sometimes she goes to school looking like a circus clown dressed her. Other times I'm shocked that something actually really does go together. She certainly has her own sense of style and expresses it without fear. Heck, she pops the lenses out of sunglasses and wears them to school because "they look cool". This used to cause tears every morning and now we just don't fit it. She's dressed, it's weather appropriate, she dressed herself= WIN! The two non-negotiables are brushing teeth and hair. I've offered to cut her hair if she doesn't like brushing it. So far, she brushes it or lets me.

This morning, I swear I had a glance into our future. How on earth will I deal with the teenage years? Mom, Dad, I'm sorry. So sorry. I was a teenage girl. Bella is my daughter. Paybacks are hell. You can celebrate that I'm getting mine :)

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  1. She has great taste and style!! On other hand I'm cracking up on paybacks !No matter what love still grows!!


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