Friday, October 23, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences- Oh my!

Last night were parent teacher conferences at school, I might be the odd ball parent because I love them. It gives me insight on how things are going at school, academically and socially. It's important to me that my kiddos are respectful and get along well with others and that others see that.

Bella's teacher does a self-report tool with each child. They grade themselves on how well they are doing in certain areas. I was so proud to see that Bella seemed to really pay attention to the questions and provided rationale to the teacher as to why she rated certain things the way that she did. She rated "I participate well in class" as middle of the scale because she said "sometimes I just sit and listen and don't raise my hand to participate". Mrs R agreed that sometimes she just is an observed and not an active participant. We both agreed that there are times when it is ok to observe instead of actively be participating.

Bella had warned me that she "had a really messy desk". The only thing she rated herself poor on was organization. I laughed when I saw it because I she had already told me. Mrs R and I looked in her desk, GROSS!!! Her room is typically messy too if it's up to her. So I went home and warned Bella that her "job" friday was cleaning out her desk. She thanked me for bringing home a few tupperwares that had snacks in them. Silly girl!

She is most challenged by literacy or reading. She says that sometimes "tough words are hard for me". She's one of the youngest kids in her class and she's reading right on schedule with the others. We both would like to see her reading a little higher level books. She choses F level books but they are very easy for her. We talked about both encouraging her to pick G books so that she can advance her reading. Mrs R said "you guys must be reading a lot at home". We do read a lot and I'm glad it shows in her classroom. All of the kids love reading!

Mrs R described Bella as a good listener, friendly, gets along well with others, has lots of friends, social, respectful and confident. I was thrilled by hearing her description of her. Not only was it nothing negative, it is all qualities that I hope to see in my daughter. Even though we have three kiddos, they are each very different and unique in their own ways. Bella is very confident and secure in who she is and I'm happy that we can continue to allow that to thrive and develop. I hope those are traits that continue to stick with her throughout her life.

We briefly discussed her hand. She said that quite honestly it isn't an issue at all and it's never mentioned or talked about. The kids just don't really care about it. This is what I'm most excited to share with other parents. I want you to know that your child's difference does not have to define who he or she is! They are their own little person who just happens to have a visible difference. Bella is so much more than her limb difference. I'm thrilled to hear that it's openly accepted and a non-issue for her or others. I was worried when I was pregnant that this may be something that could define her as a person and I did not want that. All of the things mamas and daddies worry about! So many of them seem so significant at the time and later we look back and laugh at it later.

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