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Off to Shriners we go!

Friday we (as in we I mean Bella) have an appointment at Shriner's Hospital in Chicago. We are discussing "Sports arms" specifically and joints. Some things you learn as you go and currently we are learning that we need something different for Bella to be fully included in PE. While her PE teacher is amazing and is doing everything she can, we both thought now was the time to reach out to the "big dogs"...

Bella's pediatrician is no expert in limb differences. I mean, while they seem common to me because I have a community filled with people with limb differences and amputations, they really aren't something that everyone knows about. For us, it's a lot of advocating on my part and education. I'm the one talking to her pediatrician about her needs and advocating for things that may help her.

Bella does have a wrist in her left arm which complicates things a bit. Due to her wrist, we have the elbow joint AND the wrist joint to worry about. We hav…

Float Milwaukee Review

Sweet baby Jesus! Where do I begin? I’ve wanted to try floating for some time and it was never a priority until I won a float. A free float? Well that certainly makes it a priority!

I arrived and parked in a gravel lot across the street (free parking). I took off my shoes, put on the sandals they had and was greeted right away. I signed a waiver while they were finishing the filtration on the pod.
Once you enter into the hallway, it feels very much like a spa. It smells clean, the inside was clean and the colors were neutral and calming. The young man working showed me around and then took me to room 5 where I would see my “floating” pool. *Cue to angels singing* I was given the full rundown on how things were, how to control the light, the noise, where the panic button was located, etc. He explained to shower prior to entering and then rinse off after. He gave me a very good rundown on everything and I felt like I was very informed.
(I'm in love with that art work!)

I opted to flo…

From 1... to 2... to 3!

A mom in a Facebook group asked about having more than one child. I'm going to share my opinion here on how it all went down for us. 
(Gah so tiny!)
 Can I possibly love #2 as much as I love my first? Okay so I legit cried about this while I was pregnant. How could my heart fill up and love someone as much as I loved Bella? I remember having MANY lengthy conversations with my dad about this. He assured me that it wasn't an issue (but let's by honest I'll always be both of my parents favorite, don't tell my brother! Okay so maybe he'll read this... just kidding brother!) No really he assured me that instead of feeling like my heart was pulled in both directions, it would double. As if, I thought. He'd lost his mind and lying was the only way he was going to get another grandkid out of me.. wait I was ALREADY pregnant, now what? Yep more conversations... I'm pretty sure my husband had thought I lost my mind. Maybe I had... My dad just kept saying, don'…


Our insurance hasn't been the best when it comes to getting Bella the things she needs. It feels like we are constantly jumping through hoops when we are trying to get things that we think she needs or benefits her. Currently we are STILL working with Hanger and her pediatrician about a prosthetic. 
Her pediatrician isn't well versed in limb differences which can make it slightly difficult to get the resources that we need. This means that I end up educating her pediatrician on the resources we need and then showing her why they would be beneficial. As everyone knows, those pediatrician appointments aren't that long and don't leave much time for discussion. Which isn't a big deal for most but when I need to do some education about resources and needs, this can create an issue. 
Shriners is an amazing resource that we connected with years ago. At that time, we found out that there weren't really any immediate needs. Bella didn't want anything or find anything…

Beauty and the Beast review

I keep seeing posts with friends asking "Is Beauty and the Beast too scary for my child?" We watched it and couldn't love it enough! It was a really great and engaging movie. It's very much like the cartoon movie... only not a cartoon.

Luca and Grayson were fully engaged. They both sat quietly and watched... well that's not the whole truth. Luca talks 24/7... yep like even in his sleep. So there were times when we had to say "Oh shh watch the movie, let's see what happens next". Like multiple times. He wanted to talk about what was happening and what he thought was going to happen next. Grayson on the other hand like our chill easy going guy, just watched and sat quietly.

Bella watched quietly and took everything in. Nearing the end of the movie, I saw tears in her eyes.

I whispered "Are you ok?"

"Mom he looks scary but if they really got to know him then they would know he's not" her eyes remained filled with tears. We cu…


A little over a week ago, Bella was doing some gymnastics during her PE time and hurt herself. She was doing a handstand and fell over as a result of her left hand slipping out from under her. We were not notified by school and Bella was in a fair amount of pain when I picked her up after school. She told me that her left hand slipped out from under her and she feel, injuring her neck. She said she told the gym teacher and was sent to the office for an ice pack. This mama bear was a little (ok a lot) heated that I didn't receive a phone call. I did a neuro assessment and checked did a solid head to toe assessment (thank goodness for 15 years of pediatric nursing experience)! I talked with her doctor and we agreed that bringing her in to the office in the morning was also a good idea.

On the way to the office that morning, I called her school. No one could tell me what happened just that she got an ice pack. Her PE teacher was in classes all day so that didn't help either. It&…

The one with...

I once had a friend that had a blog titled "The one with..." I was reminded of her blog today when we were hanging out and crafting... looking through old pictures of our babies. We started our blogs when our oldest, both girls, were teensy, weensy babies. Our girls are super close in age and have been around each other since they were tiny. We were lucky enough to have boys together at the same time too. I couldn't convince her to have a third. She's smarter than me! :)

Today we got to hang out, craft and catch up. Both of her kids are in school (see I told you she was smarter than me!) and Luca is still home. We talked about what's going on in life and what our latest Pinterest projects are, as if we truly have a ton of time. I worked on the kids baby books (better late than never!) and she worked on scrapbooking some of their amazing vacation. She's the kind of person you can see every day or not see for months and it's like you never missed a beat.