Saturday, April 8, 2017


Our insurance hasn't been the best when it comes to getting Bella the things she needs. It feels like we are constantly jumping through hoops when we are trying to get things that we think she needs or benefits her. Currently we are STILL working with Hanger and her pediatrician about a prosthetic. 

Her pediatrician isn't well versed in limb differences which can make it slightly difficult to get the resources that we need. This means that I end up educating her pediatrician on the resources we need and then showing her why they would be beneficial. As everyone knows, those pediatrician appointments aren't that long and don't leave much time for discussion. Which isn't a big deal for most but when I need to do some education about resources and needs, this can create an issue. 

 Shriners is an amazing resource that we connected with years ago. At that time, we found out that there weren't really any immediate needs. Bella didn't want anything or find anything that she felt would be useful. Shriners was one of the most amazing hospitals I've ever encountered and that's saying a lot because I'm a nurse that traveled for some time! I opted to reach out to them again due to the issues we are currently having in PE class. We have an upcoming appointment at the end of this month. I was shocked that we could see a specialist so soon! Who's in the Chicago area? Message me if you are, maybe we could do a limb different meet up while we are there! 

Back to PE class, the teacher wants her to be independent and we do as well. Remember how I mentioned that we talked to our friend, Keegan. She had some amazing suggestions about how to help her be independent and be self sufficient without hurting herself. Again, people find those resources, use them! Keegan is an invaluable resource to us, both Bella and me as her mama. 

Stay tuned, until the end of the month!

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