Monday, April 3, 2017

The one with...

I once had a friend that had a blog titled "The one with..." I was reminded of her blog today when we were hanging out and crafting... looking through old pictures of our babies. We started our blogs when our oldest, both girls, were teensy, weensy babies. Our girls are super close in age and have been around each other since they were tiny. We were lucky enough to have boys together at the same time too. I couldn't convince her to have a third. She's smarter than me! :)

Today we got to hang out, craft and catch up. Both of her kids are in school (see I told you she was smarter than me!) and Luca is still home. We talked about what's going on in life and what our latest Pinterest projects are, as if we truly have a ton of time. I worked on the kids baby books (better late than never!) and she worked on scrapbooking some of their amazing vacation. She's the kind of person you can see every day or not see for months and it's like you never missed a beat.
She's the kind of friend every woman needs. She lifts you up, she's supportive. You can tell her that you want to lock your kids in the closet and she laughs and doesn't call CPS. (Don't worry, I haven't actually ever locked them in there!) She reminds me that I'm not losing my mind completely. She supports my crazy projects, rejoices when they are successful and laughs when they aren't. She's the kind of person that you can talk to about anything or nothing at all. She doesn't judge me. I can go to her house unshowered, with my hair a wreck and no makeup and she doesn't run for the hills... Heck today I wore workout clothes and didn't even workout! 

We've embraced so many stages of life together. Cloth diapering, baby wearing, breast feeding, toddlers, threenagers, kindergarten (twice now!), our kids learning to read, sleeping through the night and utter lack of sleep, healthy eating and binge eating... As we both embrace these growing babes, our marriages, our work, I embrace my friendship with her. I'm thankful that 7 1/2 years ago I took a random exercise class at Babies R Us and we continued to connect. I'm thankful that we've remained friends all of these years. I'm thankful that she's that friend that I can always feel comfortable with and always feel happy when I'm around. Everyone deserves that friend, I'm lucky to have one!

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