Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Seriously? Seriously!

Bella's had a loose tooth for what seems like an eternity... Really since my birthday, April 21st. Last night around 3am, she climbed in my bed saying it was bothering her. Like any good mom, I shined my phone light into her mouth and the tooth was still there, no blood, no gapping hole, no redness, no swelling. Then I told her she could sleep with me.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I get off of work and race to the bus stop to get her before picking up the boys. She smiles from here to Alaska and then tells me she lost her tooth. I know how excited she was about it, you could see it shining in her face!

"Well where is it? How'd you lose it? What did the teacher say? What did the kids say?"

"Well I lost it at lunch!"

"You did, that's so cool!"

"And I swallowed it" she grinned.

"No way!! Where is it?"

"Seriously Mom, I swallowed it."

"Come on, stop playing, where is it?"

"No Mom, for real. It was an accident but I did REALLY swallow it."

"Did you choke?"

"No I just bit into a carrot and then it was gone."

"Wait you ate a carrot?"

"Mom, it was an accident for real"

"Okay honestly, let's see it"

"No Mom really, I actually did swallow it accidentally"

So it's true. She actually swallowed her first tooth! Like gone, down the hatch. Like any good nurse mom, I told her she'd have to wait for it to come out of the other end to get her money because why would the tooth fairy pay for a tooth she doesn't even get to keep!

"Mom, I already wrote her a note, it'll be fine"

And so it went... the tooth, swallowed. The crazy mom that wants to keep the first tooth, out of luck. The tooth fairy, screwed!

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