Thursday, June 2, 2016

How I got my $hit together...kind of

I'd be lying if I said I had it all together. With two parents working outside the home, 3 little kids, a dog, a house to maintain, $hit hits the fan daily. Laundry... never ending. Messes...constant. Laughter.... mostly. Tears... yeah those too. Losing my mind trying to keep it all together... always.

I recently went on a girl's trip and my best friend tried to convince me to go mobile with my planner. As if! I'm a paper planner girl. You'd think after 15 years of friendship that she'd know that :) Really, she was trying to make my life easier, a tiny bit less stressful, a way to get it together for once and for all... kind of. At least a way for my husband and I to know where I was working that day (pretty important in case of emergency), what appointments we had as a family, who's birthday was coming up, the normal day to day stuff.  I've mentioned that I teach nursing, which means I'm at three different locations weekly and sometimes four. We were so NOT on the same page. Every morning "Where are you working today? What time will you be home? What time do you go in?" This way he has full access to anything I put on my calendar. *Cue the chorus of the Gods!* Maybe we had been friends for so long for a reason after all. She KNEW I needed to get something in order.

Since coming home, I worked to find a system that worked for us. So far, we're using google calendar at the recommendation of several friends. He can access it on his laptop, I can access on my laptop or at work, he has access on his Samsung and me on my iPhone. It's working pretty well. I haven't looked at my paper planner in weeks! *can we shed a tear for the pretty paper planner?* I even printed a copy for daycare so she knew where I was and what time we'd drop off. To say it's working well seems like an understatement. I haven't had to answer daily questions about my whereabouts and  we are on the same page. It's a pretty cool thing.

My suggestion to parents, try it! As two working parents, being on the same page is ultra important. This helped smooth out one wrinkle in our life. Now, back to grading tests for me! If you want to smooth out the laundry wrinkle let me know! :)

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