Sunday, June 5, 2016

"Mom, you need privacy"

I hung my work badge from my rearview mirror. I used to do this years ago then stopped... then this semester, I'm at three different locations. I work for one place but at two different hospitals and one campus. This means, I have three different badges. Yay me! Most days, I'm doing well to pack a lunch so I needed a no-brainer place to keep my badge.

Bella got into my van yesterday and said "Mom, you really need privacy. People can see that there. It has your picture and your last name. Someone could google you and find you. You shouldn't keep that there, for real."

Is she six or sixteen? I mean "for real" who has time to "google" me? Why on earth would someone care enough to google me. Hell, I don't even google me! (OK I lied, I just did for fun and half of the pictures on there aren't even me... go figure) Anyhow, this kid may be on to something. I mean really, what if?

So where's the best place to hang my badge so I don't lose it, forget it? Clearly, I'm not organized enough!

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