Friday, June 9, 2017

Prosthetic, smoshthetic

I'm starting to become highly annoyed with this whole process. I don't know how people with little to no medical background deal with this! It's been WEEKS since our appointment at Shriners, okay who am I kidding, it's almost been 2 months. We are STILL in the loop of waiting. I'll cliff notes the version here for the past couple of months:

- Saw Shriner's
- Saw Scheck and Siress
- Waiting on Shriner's to send info to Scheck and Siress
-I called to follow up with Scheck and Siress, paperwork still not sent from Shriner's
-Called Shriner's asking for papers to be sent
-Called back 2 days later, still no paperwork
-Called Shriner's again
-Called Scheck and Siress again who said paperwork has been requested again and asked me to call and ask them AGAIN to send them asap
-Called Shriner's only to find out the Scheck and Siress was emailing the doctor who can't release the records
-Called Scheck and Siress telling them to go through medical records at Shriner's to get the paperwork
-Called Shriner's to talk to medical records
-Shriner's medical records called me to tell me that the records had been sent to Scheck and Siress
-Called Scheck and Siress for an update
-Awaiting insurance to see the paperwork and approve or deny, could take up to 15 business days (that's another 3 weeks folks!)

Is my child going to die from not getting a prosthetic? No. Is she not able to do some things that she would like to do without one? Yes. Is it fair to her that her childhood is different because she was born different? No. Is it fair that some person (probably with 2 hands that has 10 fingers) is making a decision that could change her childhood and life? Yes. Am I annoyed? That's the understatement of the year!

What about our friends who need them to walk? What about our friends who have NO fingers? What about them? Why must this process take so long? Why must we wait in the healthcare loop? As a parent, this is beyond frustrating. As a nurse, this is insane to me. For now, I'll curtail my anger and frustration by working out.

As a mother, I'm left to explain this to my child. Not fair at all.

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