Tuesday, June 27, 2017

After all, it's just hair

Bella's been BEGGING to get her hair cut for some time. My mama heart said "it's just hair..." but it also said "ah, it's beautiful hair that took 7 1/2 years to get there!" I kept saying no. Daddy kept saying "Your long hair is so beautiful". In reality, it was in a ponytail every.single.day. Besides, it's her hair, who was I to say no? But I did, time after time.

Then, our "date night" babysitter, we'll call her J, got diagnosed with aplastic anemia. We talked about how she was sick and that she wouldn't be able to watch them for awhile, like a long while. We talked about how we'd likely use her sisters for our "date nights". They all expressed their love for her and Bella got the idea for each of them to make her a video and send them to her. I'll wait for her approval before I post them here for the rest of the world. Her wheels were turning and it didn't stop at the videos.

She asked to cut her hair once again. She prefaced with "I know you are going to say no but just listen, I have an idea"... then it began... "So I thought with J and how she'll lose her hair. She needs my hair more than me, so it's time to cut it. We can just cut it and drive it right over to her house." I explained that wasn't how it worked but that her reasoning was well thought out and I agreed with her. It's just hair and someone else might even love it more than I do. I agreed that Friday we would go right after work. I kept my word.

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