Sunday, June 18, 2017

Almost ready...

After stalking Scheck and Siress for weeks, I finally got a pre-approval letter in the mail from our insurance. When I called them on Wednesday, they still hadn't received the letter. Frustrating... so I faxed it over. I'm pretty sure that's what any mama bear when do when her baby bear has kept asking about it!

On Friday, Scheck and Siress called to verify that they also received the letter from insurance. The parts had been ordered and now we wait... We were told that once they were ordered they would be ready in 3-5 business days. What's a mom to do? Yes, call this coming Friday to follow up.

I did reach out to Camp No Limits friends to ask about the type of prosthetic. Being newbies to this whole thing, I wanted to be sure what they were ordering was really something that would be useful to Bella. I sent a text to Mary, CNL founder and director, and Keegan, one of the teen mentors who is one of Bella's buds (and mine too!). They were both able to verify that they thought it would work great for what we had in mind. Being able to quickly reach out to a trusted community is essential. I'm thankful that they both responded quickly! I'm beyond thankful to have them both in our lives.

Again, we wait. At least this time, we know exactly what we are waiting for and how long it SHOULD take... anything could change. I'll keep you all posted!

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