Friday, June 30, 2017

Hurry up... and wait...

I honestly thought we were going to pick up Bella's prosthetic on Wednesday. Much to my disappointment and hers, it was another fitting. Apparently there are several fittings before she actually receives the final device. Who knew? This stuff takes time people, time that we don't have!

Why don't we have time? Camp No Limits starts July 14th for us! While that seems like another 2 weeks away (because it is!), weekends don't count when they are working AND a holiday falls between now and then. I'm not the expert in prosthetics but the amazing thing about camp is that there are TONS of experts! There are OT's, PT's, limb different adults, youth and kids, parents who can help us and people that can influence Bella's use of her prosthetic in a way that Ryan and I can not. Let's be real, kids prefer someone other than their parents at certain times. The experts are not in our neighborhood or even our city. The experts are truly at Camp No Limits, yet one of the many reasons we attend yearly.

They did a fitting yesterday and made a few adjustments. Then it gets sent out to another place. There they mold her final prosthetic which is much lighter than the one she tried. She picked a fabric that they'll mold into her device too. The two pieces that go on the end of her terminal device weren't in yet either. So we wait...

While we are going through Scheck and Siress, Shriners also wants to see us when we pick up the final device. The problem with that is that Shriners only has appointments with Dr. Ackerman on Friday mornings. Friday's I work all day, as does Ryan. Not to mention that we only have one more Friday between now and camp (not counting tomorrow)... AND they don't think our device will be ready by that Friday. I THINK I have them convinced to have us come down on the Monday prior to camp, which also happens to be my day off. Then we can come back after camp on a Friday when I'm actually off to follow up with Shriners. Then if there are adjustments that need to be made to her prosthesis, we can also schedule at Scheck and Siress too.

So... we wait.

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