Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yesterday was NOT my day

And today isn't looking good either!

I was all prepared and set to go to the gym. I loaded Luca up and we headed that way. I had everything I needed for a great workout. I sat my stuff on the back of the toilet while I used the bathroom, I finished, flushed and picked up my stuff... Only when I picked up my stuff, my ear buds FELL into the FLUSHING toilet. Away they went... well whatever, that wasn't going to stop me. I completed my workout and decided we'd meet Bella and Grayson at school for lunch after a quick pit stop at Target.

We got to Target and went to grab a couple of things. Luca was behaving really well and asked to get out of the cart. Why not I thought? So I picked him up and let him down letting him know that he needed to stay close. Within 2.6 seconds he pushed the emergency exit alarm. Then the super loud alarm started going off throughout the store. No employees were in sight, of course that would be my luck. I promptly LEFT the cart and b-lined for the front of the store with him. Seeing no employees in the process. We quickly left...

I remember my mom saying "Calgon take me away"... I also remember the commercials. Calgon doesn't exist and if it did, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take me anywhere.

Today, my brand new phone is on the fritz... I need a beach, asap...

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