Thursday, May 11, 2017

Back in the insurance loop

Here we sit, back in the land of the insurance loop. I heard from Scheck and Siress yesterday about the process of the prosthetic. Bella was casted for the mold when we were down in Chicago after being seen at Shriners. She was told that "it usually takes about 3 days to make the prosthetic". What does that mean to a 7 year old? It means that in 3 days she'll have a prosthetic. Not the case. We had to talk about how it takes time and we have to practice patience. Something neither her or I are that good at!

So we are here, waiting once again for someone with two hands sitting behind a desk to approve a prosthetic for our daughter. It's so frustrating. It's frustrating because that "someone" sitting behind the desk gets to decide what fits for Bella. They don't live with her, they don't see her daily, they aren't aware of her challenges and yet that person gets to decide what's best. It irritates me. I'd happily invite them into our home, into our world and into Bella's day. I bet they won't even ask. They'll approve or deny and be done with their day. While we sit here, waiting.

What does that mean? That means in about 2-3 weeks insurance will make a decision and Scheck and Siress will call to provide me an update on our situation. What did I also discover? Our insurance is decent. They are estimating our  deductible will be about $1000, which is 10% of the cost of the prosthetic. Something for us to keep in mind as we budget for our future and for hers. Something for other parents of limb difference kids to keep in mind as well.

I'll keep you updated as we are updated on the progress.

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