Thursday, April 28, 2016

Refilling my tank

Every other year since 2012, I've gone on a girl's trip with four friends from "home"... Two of us have moved away and two remain in the Kansas City area. I'm the one that lives the furthest away. Between the four of us there are: four husbands, eleven kids (one set of twins), fifteen plus years of friendship, twenty-sevenish years of college... they are good solid friendships, the kind that pick up like you never missed a beat or haven't talked in months. This year, only two of us could go. It was unfortunate but life and love sometimes take priority, the great thing is there are no hard feelings and everyone understands.

This year, Ginny and I went to Dallas! Two years ago we all four went to San Antonio, the first year was Chicago... what's with Texas though, really?! We had a great time, almost got hit by a semi on our way to the hotel, we stayed up late, slept in until 9:30 (um hello that's FOUR hours of sleeping in for this mama who gets up at 5:15 typically), drank Bishop cider (delish!), walked around the West End, ate mexican, checked out Bishop Arts district, went on a Downtown Dallas tour, had our tour bus breakdown, had the cops come, got sunburnt at the pool, read a book, drank fancy fruit water, broke a table light (GINNY!), bought souvenirs, tasted fancy chocolate, but most of all we laughed. Like really laughed, my stomach hurt, my cheeks hurt. My tank was refueled. I'm ready to go home a better wife, nurse, teacher, mother and friend.

This year I was reminded that it is important to take time for me. To really think about the things that make ME happy and continue not to do the things that don't make me happy. The answer should be not just yes but HELL YES! I remember her standing next to me at my wedding and supporting my marriage so many years ago, she's been through thick and thin with me. Breakups, road trips, shitty hotels, fancy hotels, finding true love, engagement, marriage, moves to four states, getting pregnant, my mom's cancer, a miscarriage, getting pregnant again... and again!, my father's death, breastfeeding, girl's trips, grad school, job changes... one thing remains she always is there, she never judges, she's always supportive, she always listens and offers insight and a new perspective.

Ladies, I beg you, find your person... find your friend. Find the person that is there for you no matter what. I've been lucky enough to find that over 15 years ago. I'm blessed beyond belief to know that these four ladies are a source of rejuvenation for my soul. Take time for YOU, it'll make you a better mother and wife. It'll help you learn about doing things different and embracing the way others work their relationships with their spouse, in their careers and with their children. I can honestly say I have a great deal of respect for all three of these ladies and what they have brought to my life. They make me want to be a better me. GO and be a better YOU!!

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