The sweet ladies at Listen to Your Mother sent me an email and said that I was not chosen. Yep, denied! However, I'm not letting that get me down. I'm not letting my story not be heard. I've done a video of my story... I'm really nervous to share it. I feel like I've shared it with all of you a million times over... in a million different ways. Maybe you are tired of hearing it... or maybe there is ONE person that still NEEDS to hear it. Maybe I can help one person. To me, that would make it worth it all.

Ultimately, I can't please everyone. I can't be chosen by everyone. I can make the CHOICE to not let this set me back, get me down or bother me. I can take this opportunity to share the piece I've written with all of you... in hopes that it gets shared or passed to the right person so that our story can help someone else.


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