Monday, April 18, 2016

To the lady at Walmart

Why yes my daughter is six going on sixteen. Yes she tried on a size seven and a size eight. No it's NOT okay for you to make comments on the sizes of her clothes. It's not okay now, it's not okay ever... let's be clear, no one is allowed to make comments on the sizes my daughters wears!

Bella happens to be between sizes. She also happens to have legs from here to California. She was born a string bean and she remains a string bean. It seems like her legs are constantly growing! She has a long torso too. She's obsessed with leggings and happened to find some in shorts. You can imagine her singing her praises to the Lord when she found them... this was just after she talked a guy into giving her the last zucchini in the produce section. To which later she told me was because she's SO pretty... Oh boy do I ever have my hands full...

I texted my mom as she was in the dressing room... because God forbid I actually GO into the dressing room with her. I texted "so help me, she's my clone! How did you ever get through my childhood?" I seriously owe my parents a major apology, I had MY own opinion and so does she. It's not influenced at all by anything I or anyone else says. Part of me is super thankful for that!

Bella entered with two sizes. She promptly exited in one size and gave me the rundown of what worked and what didn't and why. Then she went back in and changed again. She came back out, hands on her little hips and said "These are NOT going to work, they are SOOOOO uncomfortable here" (pointing to her waist) "The other ones felt SOOOOO much better than these do. We ARE getting those, the 7's not the 8's, I'll give them to you and you put them in the cart". I encouraged her to hand out both sizes once she took off the ones she had on... her response "why so you can put the ones I don't want in the cart? I don't think so lady!" To which the fitting room woman said "ah they start out early wanting the smaller size because it's better to be smaller".... I said nothing. Why? Because what was the point in arguing with the Walmart lady? Instead, I smiled and put the size 7 pants in the cart and the size 8 top in the cart. Off we went... and no Bella didn't notice that the sizes were different and she happily wore the outfit to school today.

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