Tuesday, April 5, 2016


As mama's we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. Or at least I do! I know it's the same for my closest mom friends too. I saw it with my own mom at times as well. We put our needs last, our families needs, the kid's needs, the house, dinner, the grocery store, Target, Walmart, the dog... everything else comes before US. How can we pour from an empty cup?

Lately, my cup has felt less than full. I've been busy interviewing and doing stuff to try to put our lives and our home back in order after working so much and preparing for all these interviews. I have taken very little time for me to refill and refuel.

Recently, two people in my life have been diagnosed with cancer. It's kind of hit me like a ton of bricks. Both are mama's of at least three kids, both are young (under 50)... Now they HAVE to take time for them, they have to allow themselves time to heal and mend. Although, I'm positive it's not the "me" time they wanted and I'm sure they don't feel better after taking that time.

When my mama was diagnosed with cancer, I bought her a book by the great Kris Carr called Crazy, Sexy Cancer. It was fun loving and encouraging... well as anything can be with the word cancer in it... Anyways, I started following her blog. I recently read about journaling, something she does to refill her tank and ease her mind. Something I used to do and love. She posted these topics as a start: 

"What’s really going on? 
What do you need? 
How do you want to feel in your body and heart? 
What does your body say about this idea or decision?
 What are you grateful for? 
What’s not working?"

It brought to light that I should start journaling again. Maybe I'll sleep better, feel better... As parents, how do YOU refill YOUR tank?

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