Monday, April 11, 2016

It takes a village

About this time last year, I posted asking how on earth do I help my one-handed girl hold a pom pom on her left hand without fingers. I had racked my brain, I had tried numerous things. Some she tried and the pom went flying, others she complained of discomfort. I remember my plea on Facebook for someone to suggest something. Kim D., a mama to a beautiful adult one-handed daughter, reached out and even offered to send me what she used. I couldn't thank her enough! She sent it right away and we put it right to work. Her daughter had cheered for a number of years. If you met her daughter, you would understand the apple didn't fall far from the tree. They are both the most open, genuine, kind hearted women. Kim happens to also be a nurse. Her and her daughter were at CNL in Florida last year with us. It takes a village my friend!

Here is what she sent- (I later found out they can be purchased at Home Depot, although I'm not sure what the "real" use is)
Today, a mama one another limb different board asked how to help her 3 year old daughter hold a pom pom. I was online at just the right time in the middle of the day AND I was home to be able to snap a picture to show her. 

I then posted this picture...
Because who doesn't grab a dog toy to demonstrate a pom pom?! We are pom free, Bella decided she didn't like "being bossed around all night" so poms wasn't really her thing... or at least it's not currently. Anyhow, her hand went in the green loop, we tightened it so the pom wouldn't fly off but it was still comfortable for her. Not once did she complain of discomfort! The yellow strap went around the middle of the pom. Worked like a charm! 

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