Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dinner date

Tonight Bella and I redeemed her Book it pizza reward... yep they STILL do the Book it program they did when I was a kid. It's so motivating and fun! Anyhow, she got to go on a date just her and I. She wanted to redeem her Book it reward for a pizza with bacon and cheese only... she is her father's daughter for sure!

We got her pizza and headed to Target. We sat in the Starbuck's and talked about her week and my week. She gobbled down the whole pizza! When did my tiny little string bean become such a darling first grader with a wiggly tooth?!

I was admiring her sweet face and listening to her talk about her little life. I watched her expressions and embraced the time, just the two of us. I noticed the freckle on her chin was getting darker and said something.

"Wow boo that freckle is darker" as I pointed out her little chin freckle.

"Yeah mom, that's where your daddy kissed me."

"What did you say?" Thinking I already knew the answer.

"Remember freckles, that's a kiss from your daddy" and just then my heart melted and broke a little all at the same time. My thoughts wandered back to the days my Grandma Mary used to tell me that freckles were angel kisses. I've said the same thing to Boo. Why did she think it was from my dad? It doesn't matter... today I'll embrace that she mentioned him, that I've continued to talk about him to my babies and that she feels like a little piece of her is from him.

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