Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Rock on sista!

Bella has her own sense of style. I tried to fight it early on then discovered that it was just not worth it. We would fight before school about why she should match and what her options were. We tried picking out the clothes the night before= FAIL. We tried giving choices, this outfit or that outfit= FAIL. We tried letting her pick out matching outfits= FAIL. All those failures lead to frustration and tears on her part and sometimes on mine.

One day it clicked. Why did I care if she matched? Did I have something to prove? Why shoot down her confidence if she felt good in what she had on? Why not let her chose? What was it hurting? How would our mornings be if we didn't feel frustrated? We came up with a solution, if its weather appropriate, rock on with your bad self.... and so it went and so it still goes.
Oh look, here we are at Target. She really wanted a picture with Spot the Target dog. Notice the leggings, the pink skirt and her school logo sweatshirt. Did I mention she has a tank top AND a t-shirt under the sweatshirt? Is she happy? Hell yes she's happy. She's at Target, WITH Spot the dog, rocking out her own style, not giving two shits what everyone thinks about her, her outfit or the dog. 

Here she is with her cousin. Pink long sleeve shirt, peach short sleeve shirt, purple vest (that she's OBSESSED with) and who knows what pants. She was having fun coloring. Encouraging her cousin to color and helping him. She could careless that we were hanging with family and she didn't match and had 3 tops on. Whatev! 
Pedicure with her best bud. Black leggings, a Bella staple. The SAME pink top in the picture above with the SAME peach short sleeve shirt. She has her favorites that's for sure. Look how happy she is! That's what I love most of all. Her confidence continues to grow. Confidence in little girls is something I as a mother, really want to encourage. There are so many harsh things in this world, we somehow have to instill in our daughters to be less concerned about what others think of you and MORE concerned with what YOU think of YOURSELF!

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