Monday, January 4, 2016


We JUST got home from a trip to visit family last night... 12 hours on the train, almost a week in Kansas City, 12 hours on the train, sleep, work, gym, school. So needless to say, we were a little late getting going this morning. I opted to let the kids sleep in (which was until 7:45, that's a record for this 5:15 house!) then we got up, got ready and dropped Bella off at school... an hour late. In my mind, visiting with family and coming home the day before was worth it so we could have as much time as possible. Missing one hour of first grade wouldn't make or break her school year.

On our drive to school, I talked about taking down our Christmas tree and decorations. I got a stern "Mom you can take down ALL of the decorations all over the house but NOT the tree and the decorations. Wait for me to come home. One of my FAVORITE traditions is doing the tree all together as a family." Clearly, this was a "tradition" in my Bella Boo's eyes. Not one that I had created or meant to happen, it just has, every year since she was a string bean. To her, it's a tradition that she enjoys and wants to keep going. I promised not to take it down until she and daddy were home. Let's by honest, I have 4 suitcases, a carry on, a lunch bag and 3 backpacks to unpack. Wanna take guesses on how much will get done while the boys nap?

We had a very eventful trip. This was also the kid's first train ride. I have SO much to share about our trip and train ride, tips and tricks, sanity savers, sanity killers... What do YOU want to know about our trip? Have you taken the train before with kids? Have you traveled alone with 3 little ones? There are a bunch of blogs to come and as soon as I upload our pictures, I'll get started.

Do you take your tree down and put it up as a family? Do you decorate for all of the holidays? What traditions do YOUR kids enjoy?

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