Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I was an aunt first

Before I became a mother, I became an Aunt. I title that I was thrilled to take on and meant something more to me than my siblings probably realize.

My niece graduated today, a semester early from high school. I'm thrilled beyond belief for her. She dreams of going to nursing school and becoming a nurse. It makes me a tiny bit excited to think she could follow in my footsteps! Nursing is my passion and it has allowed me so many opportunities. I hope she realizes that this could open a world of doors for her. I am so so so proud of my first niece... and a little sad that it makes me feel super old to have a niece that's graduating from high school!

 My nephew is killing it in drama and free style rapping. Did I mention he's taller than my brother (who's well over 6 feet) and towers over me? I've been watching his raps on Facebook and I love how he pours his heart and soul into them. I have no doubt that he will continue to reach for the stars and excel in all that he does.

They were the first two kids that I loved more than I loved myself. I fell in love with them both the minute I saw them. It was weird for me at such a young person (in my late teens) to fall so deeply in love with someone who couldn't even talk back to me. It is strange to look back and think about how they changed me, how they both made me want to reach for the stars, work harder, set a good example and show them endless love. I hope throughout their lives they always realize they can count on me. I know that as I've had my own children, I've watched them play with them and love them. It's awesome to think that they love my babies and would do anything for them.

As I think back, I realize that both of these kids have had struggles in their lives. Things could have turned out different for them both. They broke down walls and soared! They are amazing young people now and no longer my little loves. I hope that somehow I made a difference in the people they have grown to be. I hope that they will continue to feel my support, encouragement and unconditional love. I hope that you too, can reach out to those kids in your lives and show them unconditional love and support. Show them that despite struggles, they can succeed. Show them that love and hard work can make a difference!

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