Friday, December 4, 2015

"Seester you have one hand"

We were all sitting at the table talking about our day and Luca said while proudly holding up his hands "Seester you have one hand, me have two, daddy have two, brudder has two, mommy has two, you have one".

Grayson quickly jumped in "She was born like that, we are all born different, like some people have different eyes or some people have different hands or different hair".

Bella said in the sweetest voice "You are right! I only have one hand and you have two. That's like when we go to Camp, lots of people are different there".

I explained to them all that when Bella grew in my tummy that she only grew one hand. "Then we she got bigger and bigger, her eyes turned a green color! Grayson's eyes turned a brownish color and your eyes are blue Luca!" They all looked at me like I had just lost my mind.

"Mom that's funny that he just said that" Bella said to me.

"Why is that funny Boo?"

"Because I've only had one hand this whole time and he didn't know or what?"

"Who knows, maybe he just discovered that your hands are different from ours".

"Yeah well they've always been different" she said... and so dinner continued like nothing had happened. We talked about our "best part of our day", our dinner tradition. Each person talked about what was the best part of their day was and what they did. It's one of my favorite things that we do as a family. It really takes the focus on the positive things in life and what went well. It also makes us think back to how our day went overall.
(It's good to be two)

So did Luca just realize that his sister only had one hand? Or did he always know and just said it? It's hard to know or even figure that out. He's 2 1/2 and he's a little spit fire. In our family, it's something that I can say we don't really think twice about. All of us hold both of Bella's hands and do activities without making accommodations for her. It's the norm in this household. It's interesting to me that when he said it, Grayson got a bit defensive and Bella laughed it off while teaching him. I'm proud that each of our children are so unique and respond to life in a different manner. I'm glad Bella is able to use the moment to teach him about her and others without hesitation. I'm glad that Luca blurted it out and we were able to talk about differences as a family.

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