Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Welcome to a short morning in my shoes...

Mom these pants are iiiittchy! 

That's ridiculous! I can't wear that! 

I lost my shirt and I'm not wearing one if you don't find me another one. 

My toes are squished. 

No hat, mess up hair, no mess up hair, no hat. 

I'm not wearing a coat. I'm cold, where's my coat? 

This is NOT comfortable! I don't like that at all! 

Are you serious, I'm not wearing that. I'm wearing short sleeves. 

Me pick, notchu. 

Me wear that? Me NOT wear that one. 

MOM I need a pony, ugh a SIDE pony!

And that was only FOURTY FIVE short minutes of my morning, at 6:15 am. Did you hear me? AT SIX FIFTEEN AM PEOPLE!!! It's no wonder why I feel like my butt has been handed to me by 7pm! A number of you on my Facebook page thought this was SO hilarious. It's super funny, right? Until I drop them on your door step for the weekend!

It's entertaining for sure. Many times, I'm laughing (laugh or cry are my two choices here folks!) Sometimes you'll find me in timeout in the bathroom... but that has failed me now since all of the kids (yes even the 2 year old) can pick the lock. It's real funny when mama's in timeout and the little guy busts in with "Watchudoin?" He's lucky he's kinda cute!

So yeah, I'm getting paid back 10 fold for my entire childhood. I seriously had an issue with the seam of socks and my mom had to come over to my dad's once to "fix" them before my dad lost his cool. Okay so maybe I still have an issue with my socks but at least now I can fix those babies myself. Although I'm tempted to throw a fit and have my kids fix them so they can see how crazy they look. You know it's getting real when the 4 year old tells his BIG sister "YOU ARE ACTING TOTALLY MENTAL". That made him and I laugh. She didn't think it was as funny as we did. I also *maybe* had an issue with the way things felt on my waist... I plead the 5th as to whether or not I'm still picky about stuff.

I'm pretty sure when she's a teenager, I'll be praying for Calgon... Does that stuff still exist?

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