Monday, January 16, 2017

Taking care of ME!

When I throw up the peace sign to the hubs and run like hell out the door... where do I go? What do I?

Target... wondering the aisles of a the good ole Tar-jay is one of the best ways to let my mind wonder.

A craft store.... hobby lobby, Michael's JoAnn's... My mind runs to pinterest and all of the amazing projects I could be making but don't have time for.

Other ways I take care of me:

  1. Regular workouts. Yes, I go to the gym. Of course I want to look like a super model but in the mean time, I'll just be me. I love lifting weights and feeling stronger when I leave. My mind is able to wonder without some one asking for a snack or a drink or to wipe their butt. The child care at our gym is awesome and I never have to worry about the kids when I'm there.
  2. Call a friend. Sometimes it's as simple as touching base with another mama who knows exactly how I feel. Or reconnecting with someone for just a few minutes without the kids interrupting. It's like therapy for my soul and it's free.
  3. Drink water. This seems silly to type but it's true. When I drink enough water, I feel better.
  4. Have a craft date. This is like some serious soul therapy. I love crafting and creating. Having a date with a friend holds me accountable. It allows me to reconnect AND do something I love, so it's a double win.
  5. Have a lunch date. This a rare occurrence so it's always super valued to me. I have so little time to connect that this is a way that I can take a break with someone and catch up.
  6. Schedule a play date. The kids can play and I get some adult interaction! Win win!
  7. Get my hair done. So it's only like twice a year that I get my hair done, but those couple of times, it's worth every single penny. I walk out and feel good, my hair is fresh and my outlook is fresh too!
  8. Weed out the negative. While social media can be a great way of connecting, it can also be a giant mind suck. All of the negative stuff people posts can really upset me. Why read it all? Why allow myself to be upset because someone else is upset? So, I've weeded a bit of that. If someone is constantly posting negative things, I hid them from my timeline. Out of sight, out of mind, less negativity for me.
  9. Read. I love reading, like really love it. However I rarely have time to read something I truly love. When I do, I cherish it. On our recent vacation, I read a 500 page book in just 3-4 days. It was amaze-balls!
  10. Blast some music. I have a commute all to myself. I love to blast some good music, it always makes the day better.

What are some ways that YOU take care of YOU?

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