Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blog changes

As things change in our family, so does this blog. I've been watching Facebook and social media and found that there are some things that we as parents struggle with. Yes, we have a variety of different struggles related to Bella's limb difference but not everything is related to that. I'm hoping you'll stay tuned and see where this blog grows.

I'm hoping to add a variety of topics to the blog. Limb differences and Bella will always be a top on the list. Raising funds for us to attend Camp No Limits will always be a top as well. I'm hoping to add self care. As parents, we often forget about caring for us and focus so much on our family, our children, our jobs.

With that, we also neglect our relationships. It's 2017 people, divorce rates are shocking... at least to me. I'm hoping to add some topics on relationships and relationship building.
I'm sad to see the US has the second highest divorce rates. I'm glad I don't live in Sweden! I'm hoping you'll embrace these changes and find them helpful. If there's a topic that you are hoping I'll add, send me a message or an email or a facebook message. I'm open! 

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