Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Missing our friends already

Man, I'm already missing our Camp No Limits family. This morning at 4:50am when my alarm went off I could have really used our morning routine of breakfast (that I didn't have to cook!) and energizers. I'm going to have to talk someone into posting a video so we can continue to do the energizers as a family, they bring such a positive outlook for the entire day.

Grayson went to bed last night asking for Emily and saying he was missing her. Emily is a beautiful 12 year old who was born without her right lower arm and hand. Grayson fell fast for her! He even asked her to be his date for the dance and she was sweet enough to say yes. I love that her limb difference didn't phase him a bit. I also love that she embraced his sweet 5 year old crush and gave him lots of attention. He's since asked for a picture from the dance to be printed and put in his room. I guess I better get on that!

Bella's already asking about "next camp". I mean, who wouldn't? It's a place where you can just be you and people embrace you and love you. She's asking when she can write her new pen pal a letter and is she can snapchat (Oh boy!) with one of her teen friends she made at camp. I've already been told specifically which pictures to print for her room. I've discovered that printing and hanging the pictures allows her to remember the feeling that camp gave her. It's something that she really enjoys.

Even I wore a bikini and embraced my body. Not one person gave me a funny look or made a comment. I felt like I could just do me without worrying about life or anything around me. It's truly a feeling like no other. After just a few short hours of arriving, we had already made friends. It's instantly welcoming.

It's truly a second family. I leave every year continuing bonds that started at camp and embracing new bonds that started at camp just this year. We're even trying to make plans with another family to meet at Idaho camp and then maybe a little vacation after camp. Let the planning and picture printing begin!

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