Monday, August 8, 2016

Maine vacay

When planning our time off for the year, we revolve it around Camp No Limits. Since Ryan takes a week, we added a few days on to the front part of our CNL trip so that we could explore Maine a little bit. Man was it action packed!

The first few days we stayed at the Ramada in Portland, Maine. It was a good location near the things that we wanted to do. There were tons of food options within 10 minutes of our hotel and a grocery store too.
Day one, right off the plane, we stopped at Fisherman's Grill. Ryan's the big foodie so he planned many of the places that we ate. Apparently according to his research this was one of the best lobster rolls around. So, we ordered a bunch of stuff, lobster rolls being one of them. $80 later and we were set! This place was TINY on the inside and had 4 tables outside. It was HOT but we opted to eat outside anyways. The lobster roll had some sort of mayo on it and we both agreed that it was only ok, none of the kids would even try it!

Hot, sweaty girl patiently waiting for her chicken fingers... clearly not an adventurous eater!

At the water front, there was a bridge that had "love locks". It was really fascinating to look at and read the names and dates on each of the locks. Pretty cool to check out! It's also in a great area for walking, eating, drinking, ice cream and shopping.

The kids really enjoyed walking along the water and checking out all the boats and shops!
We ate dinner near the harbor area at Duckfat. Ryan said this was the best place to eat for french fries that were deep fried in duckfat... odd but whatever, we were all game. The panini's were only ok. The housemade sodas were delicious! The fries, also great! Clearly Bella didn't have any issues with them! 
We finished the day with a dip in the pool AND in the hot tub. The kids were in heaven getting to swim before bed. 
Evidence of one totally wiped out kid! I should add that the kids refused to share the extra bed in the room... One slept on a cot, one on the bed and this monkey had no issues with the floor. Sleeping on the floor is clearly better than sleeping with a sibling! 

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